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Police said the police involved in the business mix a Dangdang not improper original title: "let’s mix a police Dangdang, it is not inappropriate." recently, insiders reflect to the China Daily, the Baoji Municipal Public Security Bureau Weibin Taipingzhuang security checkpoint police Liu to participate in business, "as the police can break the law?" Subsequently, the China Daily reporter contacted the Weibin branch of peace and security checkpoints, the police station and the responsible person admitted that Liu Mouque official police station. According to the information provided by the informant, Liu participated in the operation of the enterprise "Baoji Tianyi Aviation Electronic Technology Co., ltd.". China Daily reporter inquiries business archives in Baoji City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Taiwan Branch, learned that the company’s legal representative Lee (later confirmed, Lee Liu’s wife), including the operation of quartz ore mining, processing, sales, R & D, manufacturing and sales of test equipment, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, shareholders of Lee and Liu, the main member enterprises as Lee (Executive Director), Liu (supervisor). Insiders provide a partnership agreement shows that in December 10, 2011, Liu invested 2 million yuan and others are still operating in Longxian, a joint venture mineral enterprises. After Liu accepted the China Daily reporter interviewed. He admitted that his wife Li Mouque for the Baoji Tianyi Aviation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. legal representative, he is the shareholders of the company and served as supervisor, "I am a man, I can not open the company law, a fine, running errands, also can talk at home. I was at home to open a company, not in the company of others do". As for the police to participate in the operation of this situation, Liu said: "I was a farmer’s son, mixed police Dangdang, if it is not, tomorrow is wrong." Yesterday afternoon, the Baoji Municipal Public Security Bureau Weibin branch official said, they will reflect the situation to the leadership of the branch. It is understood that China’s civil service law clearly states: civil servants are not allowed to engage in or participate in business activities in the enterprise or other for-profit organizations part-time positions. China Daily reporter Zhao Guoqiang editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: