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Police suspect was charged — Shaanxi Belgium Channel – people.com.cn original title: Belgium police suspect was sued the Belgian Federal procuratorate announced on 6, 5 in Brussels Sihaer Beck district with a knife chopped two police arrested a Belgian suspect 6 was formally arrested and terrorist murder and other charges involved in terrorist organization is a lawsuit. Investigation revealed that the suspect named Hisham? Diaopu, aged 43, served in the Belgian army. It is reported that Hisham? Diaopu with Iraq and Syria some extremist organization Islamic state members have been in contact. More than 10 years ago, he and the relationship between the French Bassam ayache? Is very close, the latter in the last century at the beginning of 90s in Brussels, molenbeek promote extremism, and recruit staff. However, the police in the evening of 5 in the search process of Hisham? Diaopu in, and did not find any guns or explosives. According to the Belgian prosecutors, the 6 brother Hisham? Diaopu was also detained. On the morning of 5, two Belgian police in Sihaer District of Beck Street on the Sharm diaopu, Chashi? Is it with a knife chopped. One policeman was injured in the neck, and the other was injured in the abdomen. Hisham? Diop struggled with another patrol came in the escape process, the final shot in the leg was arrested. (reporter Pan Jiping) (Deng     commissioning editor: Nan, Ren Lihong) 比利时袭警嫌犯被起诉–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:比利时袭警嫌犯被起诉   比利时联邦检察院6日宣布,5日在布鲁塞尔斯哈尔贝克区用军刀砍伤两名警察而被捕的一名比利时籍嫌犯6日被正式逮捕,并以恐怖谋杀和参与恐怖组织等罪名被提起诉讼。   调查显示,这名嫌犯名为希沙姆?迪奥普,现年43岁,曾在比利时军队服役。据悉,希沙姆?迪奥普与伊拉克和叙利亚的一些极端组织“伊斯兰国”成员有过接触。十多年前,他与法国人巴萨姆?阿亚希的关系十分密切,后者在上世纪90年代初曾在布鲁塞尔莫伦贝克区宣扬极端主义思想,并招募人员。   不过,警方5日晚在对希沙姆?迪奥普家进行的搜查过程中,并没有发现任何枪支或爆炸物。据比利时检方介绍,希沙姆?迪奥普的哥哥6日也被拘留。   5日上午,两名比利时警察在斯哈尔贝克区一条街上盘查希沙姆?迪奥普时,被其用军刀砍伤。一名警察脖子受伤,另一人腹部受伤。希沙姆?迪奥普在逃跑过程中与另一名赶来的巡警发生搏斗,最终腿部中弹被捕。(记者潘革平) (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: