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Home-Improvement Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 Today, Chris and I met a man who feels the cold more than most of us. Born with a condition that any of us blessed with good health would hate to have. Cerebral palsy is a massively mis-understood thing what you are born with. Often, you end-up being a spastic; the meaning originally from the the Greek and then the Latin for to pull. Nowadays, apart from yob insults the meaning is literally, tight muscle. Fortunately, he has a great sense of humour. When his regular heating engineer diagnosed a blockage that he could not deal with they went on the net, came across our website (.pritchard-heating.co.uk) and called 01225-869036. Without blowing our own trumpet, It was a bloody good idea that WE did the power flush. The heating/hot water system uses a Very old Fortic tank model (not the one shown above) that would be a right bugger for an in-experienced powerflushing guy to even figure out how to powerflush .petently. And the water flow from the boiler was just about .pletely blocked. At first there was not flow at all. And then, because we know what to do, eventually we began to get some flow. A fairly short time later with some more jiggery-pokery and the right chemical to start the disintegration, suddenly at first and then full bore we had full flow though the boiler. Where none had existed before. Result! Now that the first big problem was out of the way we could turn our attention to the secondary, less important problems that had been around for years. e.g the hall radiator was only tepid for the last heating season and the dining room warmish. So those were the first to be done and then everthing else. A beautifully hot system so much so that we turned down the boiler stat to stop the radiators getting too hot. One very happy very warm customer. Two very happy central heating powerflushers. If you have a big problem with your central heating -cold rads, poor hot water, fortic tank give us a call. Advice is always free whether you choose to use us or not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: