Premature twins are less than 2 pounds parents hesitate to give up treatment for 5 days ca1290

Preterm twins were less than 2 pounds in 5 days the parents decided to abandon treatment hesitation original title: Twin preterm baby less than 1 kilograms of parents to give up treatment in November 7th, Mr. Zhang to do business in Sichuan Beichuan wife early produce a pair of twin girls, but the weight was less than a kilogram, and multiple organ hypoplasia. 12, after a period of five days to consider, Mr. Zhang family do not want to have serious sequelae after the child’s life and suffering, made a painful decision: to give up treatment! 11 evening, Mr. Zhang and his wife Ho, hard to sleep all night. In their hearts, there has been a preliminary decision to give up treatment. Because in the afternoon and in the evening, their own online inquiry of the sequelae of preterm infants, found that there is a very large probability of sequelae, at the same time, their friends also persuaded to give up. 12 early in the morning, Mr. Zhang and his parents made a phone call, said his decision, the phone, Zhang mother Zhang did not clearly answer, only to cry, and finally said by mr.. At the same time, he also called his mother in the side, tears told his mother. Say that finish, he cried. One side of the mother, tears can not help but, at this time of her, holding the lady. 12, 2009, at about 1 pm, Mr. Zhang came to the Mianyang Central Hospital, he once again asked the doctor about the child’s situation, he would like to get a doctor’s answer: the child will not be treated after a good sequela. But he was disappointed. Seven feet tall, in the face of their own flesh and blood, already wet eyes. Hold a pen signature right hand trembling in the treatment of abandoned Confirmation signed his name. "Surely someone will say I cruel, but I could not bear the pain after watching the children grow and life." Mr. Zhang had tears, in completing the end hospital formalities, then returned to Beichuan, he and his wife just want to be quiet. Source: Chengdu business daily Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: