Premier Everton his analysis of hot draw – fear of home court Sohu

Premier Everton analysis: his hot draw – fear of home court Sohu premier SMG: Everton vs Crystal Palace game time: 2016 10.01 Saturday 01:00 asian handicap: 0.90 Everton -0.75 Crystal Palace 0.96 European index: prospective 1.63 3.70 4.50 events: the beginning of the season, the Premier League game on Saturday morning, in addition to promote the overseas market, or increase the exposure rate and the share of the gaming team. This season, Everton believe that no one A new force suddenly rises., who think they can second standings in the League early on, a winning streak to the outside world for its attention. Coach Coleman’s ability to coach is also well received. But the team is always high and low tide, through the honeymoon period, the team recently in the British cup losing out, the League also upset loss to Bournemouth, the team was in decline. The war in the face of rival Crystal Palace, toffee rebound at home is not easy. Crystal Palace in recent years led by Pardo, scores rose steadily, although there is no impact on the Europa League ambitions, but the team to maintain in the middle position. A recent league they win Sang Delan, the last 4 league games unbeaten, with the decline in the state of Everton, the team is expected to turn from a guest into a host. Analysis of the ball for position: the disc for Everton 0.75 let disc, data open more uniform, double after two defeats, the team have felt Everton rebound hope, but the match staged in the special period of time arrangement, face plate will become a hot point in recent years, the confrontation of Crystal Palace are not afraid of Everton, but now Europe found great discreteness, Everton not do so to win. SMG football recommended: 13 asian handicap recommendation: Crystal Palace (+0.75)相关的主题文章: