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Private private sector aimed at the four quarter, tuyere fund company with the pharmaceutical industry We super you want! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: since the four quarter aimed at public and private outlet 93% fund companies over with the pharmaceutical industry – Zhao Xueyi told reporters in the three quarter, A stock market continued sideways, and quiet for a long time, but by virtue of the pharmaceutical sector than expected performance, set off a wave of structural market. "Securities Daily" reporters fund of the Department, including a number of public and private funds, UBS SDIC star stone investment, have said, A shares have formed a "value of depression", an investment outlet of pharmaceutical industry. 93% fund companies over with the pharmaceutical industry "Securities Daily" fund of the Department and the latest statistics flush iFinD, the end of the three quarter, the public fund investment in health and social work market value of 11 billion 6 million yuan, the market value of investments and the end of the two quarter compared with an increase of 12.47%; investment fund market value of total investment in the stock market than 0.49%, relative standard the industry allocation ratio with the super 0.3 percentage points. More than 75 fund companies, 70 companies of the industry are overweight, accounted for 93.33%. From the fund’s point of view, the golden eagle fund most valued pharmaceutical stocks. The company’s fund holds a total of health and social work stock market capitalization of 81 million 494 thousand and 500 yuan, accounting for the net assets ratio of $3.97%, accounting for the stock market capitalization ratio of $8.37%, with an additional percentage point of over 8.18. The financial fund, Yasunobu fund, fund the east end of the three quarter were over with the industry 7.04 percentage points and 6.15 percentage points, 6.10 percentage points; UBS Investment is also among the super distribution of the industry’s top five fund companies, with the super 5.92 percentage points, holding the market value increased from 93 million 716 thousand and 900 yuan at the end of the two season 31.92% to 113 million 245 thousand and 200 yuan. UBS Investment in the three quarter net profit growth rate of health care industry was $9.57%, far outperforming the same period performance benchmark yield of more than 5.05%, ranking among the top 110 in the industry. "Securities Daily" fund of the Department noted that the fund at the end of the three quarter to hold "health and social work in the stock market value of 85 million 304 thousand and 800 yuan, compared with the two quarter of the market growth rate of 364.76%; the stock market value of the total assets of the fund accounted for 13.87%, accounting for investment in the stock market reached 15.66%, 15.47 percentage points over with the industry. Fund manager Zhang Jiarong said that in the current era of change and innovation, treat the pharmaceutical industry faster long-term growth, fine molecular industry many areas, investors should first have confidence, then must have a pattern of vision, dynamic observations of the changes, capturing the opportunity. The pharmaceutical industry has a very high professional threshold, a pharmaceutical company once the label of innovation, not only in the product has a strong exclusiveness, it will also bring a strong market competitiveness theory相关的主题文章: