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Real-Estate The real estate scenario in India’s fourth most populated city, Hyderabad, is smoking hot. And why shouldn’t it be? Seeing the tremendous industrial and .mercial progress that the city has made over years. Add to it the 6.8 million population that it holds, a reason why property trend in the city is going at par with the other metropolitan cities of India. Let’s have a look at the present scenario. As far as the price trends are concerned, the per square feet price, as per market analysis done in the year 2012, stands at Rs. 2542. The price trend over the last 12 months indicates that the rate per sq feet has raised from Rs. 2750 in July, 2012 to Rs. 3258 this month, i.e., July, 2013: a total increase of 21.05%. If trend of the property in Hyderabad of the last three months is taken into consideration, we would see that there is a slight decline of 3.33% from April to July, 2013. The real estate scenario of Hyderabad property in Banjara Hills over the last 12 months has seen major fluctuations with constant price rates over a few months. Take, for example, the months between November, 2012 and February, 2013: the price was almost constant throughout the period. But after that, a sudden spike was noted: the value reaching at Rs. 6727 per sq. ft. by the time March came. Next, let’s have a look at market trends for Secunderabad. While the start of the year 2013 saw a slight change in the value to Rs. 2748 /sq. ft. in the beginning of January, 2013 from Rs. 2267/ sq. ft. in December, 2012. Since then, there have not been any major fluctuations. If rental scenario is taken into consideration for the same period, it can be seen that rates remained almost fixed (no major spikes) over the last 12 months. Hiring rental property in Hyderabad can be a cost-effective way for the buyers who are restricted by budgetary constraints. Simple plots can be purchased at significantly lower rates, beginning somewhere around 2-3 lacs. If you are on a look out for property for sale in Hyderabad, you can make a search in top localities like Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, Hi-Tech City, Jubilee Hills, Miyapur, Nizampet, Kondapur, Manikonda, Sainikpuri, KPHB, and Chanda Nagar. Go through online property portals that list residential and .mercial structures along with dimensions like price, area, and type etc. Visit Makaan.., India’s fastest growing property website and see what real estate in the city of Hyderabad can offer you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: