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Pu Jinhui received cult funding? Alert from South Korea the cult (Phoenix Buddhism according to chinanews.com, Kaifeng network related content consolidation) Pu Zhengxi, park Geun hye, Cui Taimin (source: Xinhua International) recently, South Korean political storm is intense, President Park Geun hye alleged bestie a scandal continues, the South Korean people are reported to have asked the president to step down, behind the mysterious woman, President Park Geun hye, was a famous Korean cult suspected "always teach" founder Cui Taimin’s daughter, and the church and Cui Taimin as a person, and a relationship between decades perplexing and unable to sort out the incumbent president Pu Jinhui. Pu Jinhui and the suspected cult "always teach" deep roots in 1974, North Korean spy assassination of Park Geun hye’s mother Lu Yingxiu. The difficult time, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism day debut together in the creation of "hybridity will teach" Cui Taimin. Cui sensitive when President Pu Zhengxi’s eldest daughter, made his "first lady" of the park Geun hye, by grabbing money. Soon, Pu Zhengxi received the Central Intelligence Minister Kim Jae kyu reports and Premking investigation, but in the end because Pu Jinhui behind and the lack of evidence, Cui Taimin did not receive judicial sanctions. But Cui Taimin himself is a controversial person. He was born in 1921, first as a monk, then as a priest, and had 6 marriages. When even the Korean media rumors, Cui Taimin and park Geun hye is actually the relationship between men and women. According to the monthly North Korea reported that Cui Taimin changed a lot of names, claiming to have been married six times. Although Cui sensitive in April 1975 from South Korea Jesus Dean will always get the old comprehensive title, but never received the baptism of the Catholic church. In 1979, Pu Jinhui Pu Zhengxi was shot and killed his father Kim Jae kyu. Lost parents, Pu Jinhui left Chong Wa Dae. At the same time, about Pu Zhengxi’s libel rumors rampant. "I’ve seen a lot of people say, choose to betray the interests," Pu Jinhui said. This is Cui Taimin, like "the Dark Knight", in the park the most helpless, to provide manpower and financial support for her and become her mentor". In 2006, Pu Jinhui re entered politics in a speech when she was assassinated, right face suddenly felt a sharp pain. She later recalled: "only 5 mm cut to the carotid artery, or 3 minutes after that. 3 hours of surgery, his face was sewn with 60 stitches. It was a day when I was born, and it was the closest I’ve ever seen in my life." At this time, "mentor" Cui Taimin has died. Accompanied by Pu Jinhui in the "family", replaced by the fifth daughters of Cui Shunshi, the daughter of the president of the United States of America. "" "" "" "". At this point, and "always teach" before and after the two generation of the key people to establish a deep relationship between park and begin to step onto the right peak of South Korean politics. Korean strong inventory from South Korea today, this cult of other people’s affairs, however, we do not care, today want to introduce, this is from South Korea several famous cult, because in recent years China’s "Hallyu" strong, we need to be vigilant. Speaking of South Korea, we first thought is "greatly long now", "you come from the stars" and "Miss Mermaid" and other drama, and "Gangnam style"!相关的主题文章: