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Raiola: football four front PA I have three people in the bar of God – listed Sohu sports Raiola: Pakistan God is a nice season four football front PA blockbuster, now lead giant Paris, ranked top of Ligue 1, and all this change seems to be from Balotelli’s League start. The Italians in 5 games for the nice scored 6 goals, coupled with a nice team to young players, has always been regarded as a "bad boy" Balotelli unconsciously also a veteran of the play. Now, Balotelli let the hot state treasure agent Raiola tread on air in the Italy media, recently, bursting with pride Raiola praised God is one of the best strikers in the world four! "Balotelli in the French life was very good, we have to chose a nice feel pleased, immediately to the 2017, I believe that this is the key period of Balotelli shift, if he can come up with 100% of the state power, then he must be one of the best strikers in the world for the four." Of course, brokers prefer their own players Raiola also said no ground for blame, and their eyes four forward, there are three "own" are: Balotelli, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku. In addition to Balotelli, Raiola is currently only 17 year old Milan demon door Donna Roumat also spoiled a plus, it is predicted that he will in the future become the best goalkeeper in the world, "he was 17 years old, but in Milan this team firmly secured the main position, he has an old style and some of the mature. Donna Roumat is very sincere and diligent, every training is full, he has the strength to become the best goalkeeper in the future!" Previously, Raiola also claims that the Donna Roumat value of 170 million euros, according to "Turin sports newspaper" reported, Donna Roumat and Milan in the next year is expected to sign a new contract, his current contract with Milan until June 2018. For Donna Roumat’s future, Raiola also talked about a key factor, that is China consortium into the capital, "Milan changed hands after Donna Roumat will present the team’s position? I’m not sure. I have to watch how much interest the Chinese consortium has in football." In addition, Pogba’s current situation at Manchester United, Raiola said: he needs time to adapt, it is normal, I firmly believe that he will be glowing heat, so that the attention of England." (GD)相关的主题文章: