Record three world records! Heze Danyang road cable-stayed bridge with success

Record three world records! The success of the swivel 81.67 degrees counter clockwise rotation of the Heze Danyang road cable-stayed bridge, and the approach to achieve precise docking Heze Qilu network November 8th news (Shandong Taiwan Chen Chen Zheng Maosheng Liu Yinchun Wang Zhe Yuan Shaopu Zhou Qi Heze Taiwan correspondent Ma Xingkui) at 11:35 this morning, 2 sets of 350 tons of traction in the continuous jack, which lasted 80 minutes, the weight up to 24 thousand and 800 tons of Heze Danyang Road overpass on the eastern side of the main counter clockwise 81.67 degrees across the Beijing Kowloon Railway, and the approach to achieve precise docking, the world’s largest body weight of the cable-stayed bridge in Heze successfully turned "". Is the bridge swivel swivel success set three world records: the bridge body weighs 24 thousand and 800 tons, by far the highest in the world; bridge length of 238 meters, the longest bridge in the world by a single ball hinge construction; maximum diameter spherical diameter of 4.5 meters is currently in the field of industrial casting. Across the Beijing Kowloon Railway Side swivel site of Heze Danyang Road overpass for the railway overpass across the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Beijing Kowloon Railway, on average every ten minutes after the train, in order to reduce the interference to the construction of the existing railway line, to ensure the safe operation of the railway, they take the "first built after the transfer process, first along the direction parallel to the railway the construction of the bridge, and then built the bridge along the counterclockwise direction of rotation to the design position. In order to let the body height of 89 meters, 238 meters of the huge monster wingspan smooth turn, the construction unit has overcome a series of technical problems near the railway large diameter pile, deep foundation pit of high water level and large tonnage swivel system installation. Bridge and railway bridge side to achieve precise docking due to swivel below the Beijing Kowloon Railway, the new railway and power plant special line, in order to ensure the smooth rotation and railway passenger train operation safety, the application to the railway sector, today officially when given 90 minutes of line blocking time. The wingspan of 238 meters of the huge monster is turning twenty Bureau of China Railway Danyang overpass project survey monitor Lin Mingji told reporters: "the arms of 238 meters of the huge monster realize twist, we arranged two parameter class observation points in the bridge on both sides of the approach, every minute using the level of arms on the height difference detection the positive and negative difference of not more than 3 mm, today the weather conditions are suitable for the bridge swivel, the influence of wind velocity on the swivel is very small, from all inspection data on all normal." Precise docking, gorgeous reporters on the scene, the scene was cordoned off around the residents, even the area near the roof was full of people. Close to the Danyang overpass on the north side of the carefree Yosemite resident Guo Yinhua said yesterday, said the news this morning, the main bridge of Danyang overpass swivel, he gets up early in the morning, if not to look at him and the neighbor went to the roof and found a place. The bridge he and his neighbors hope for several years, and now the bridge finally passed, we are very happy. The city is a detour to the Yellow River road or bridge to the Yangtze River Road before, directly after you can reach downtown, convenient nearby residents. Perfect docking Danyang Road overpass is connected to the central city of Heze.相关的主题文章: