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Home-Based-Business For those of us who work from our homes, it is just as easy to become a workaholic and neglect our relationships as it is for those who commute and work in a cubicle all day. Although there isnt someone standing over us all day, we often push ourselves harder because we know we only earn in relation to what we put out. However, while focusing on our career is necessary, it is also important to devote quality time to our relationships with our spouses, children, and friends. Our families are often the reasons we have chosen to work at home in the first place. The morning commute was replaced with the ability to see our loved ones off to school and work, while the reverse is true in the evening. Spending every waking hour at our computer, or in our office, defeats the purpose of choosing to stay at home. Perhaps many of us are not working that many hours per day, but rather are constantly mismanaging our time. Doing that puts us in the position of having to work during the usual family time in order to make up for lost productivity. The simplest ways to ensure we devote enough time and energy to both our work and relationships are to set boundaries for both and make a work and play schedule. If we worked outside the home we would most likely have a daily schedule to keep to, so why not create one for working in our homes? It is important to have time with friends and family, and if the only way to make it happen is to schedule it, then do it. In addition, put special dates and family events on the work calendar in order to avoid interference with projects. It may also be helpful to schedule vacation days, and reward hard work with a day off to spend time and energy having fun with friends and family. We should also step away from our work when it is apparent our families needs have surpassed those of our jobs. If a child is sent home sick for the day, spend some time comforting and taking care of them. If a friend wants to get together, but you have a project due in a few hours, take some time the next day to treat them to lunch instead. Finally, while a little overtime will be sometimes be needed to get a project done on time, there are certain moments when work should be limited, or avoided altogether. Frequently working in bed can be damage a marriage, ignoring a childs request for help could be dangerous, and pulling up to the computer desk while company is over can be viewed as rude behavior. We should always remember that fostering our relationships will prove to be more valuable to our work when those around us are more supportive of what we do. Showing our loved ones that they come first will earn that much needed support, and this in turn will create more harmony at home for everyone. About the Author: Wendy Betterini is a freelance writer and web designer in New England. Visit her blog at ..WorkatHomeBalance.. for more work/life balance tips for entrepreneurs, home business owners, tele.muters and freelancers. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: