Review Of The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas-htc802w

Book-Reviews The Count of Monte Cristo is well known as the ultimate book about revenge. In this novel we get to follow Edmund Dante’s wrongful imprisonment for fourteen years. The woman he is engaged to gets stolen from him, and his father dies a horrible painful death. While he is locked up in a cell trying to starve himself to escape the pain, Dante sees the people responsible for his imprisonment gain power and wealth. Slowly he transforms from a generous and good man into a man who wants vengeance on those who have done him wrong. As the book continues we are introduced to some new characters and their personalities. Dante eventually manages to escape, and returns as the new Count of Monte Cristo, a very wealthy man whose identity is not known to any of the characters in the book. We soon find out that he is plotting something when he gets close to those responsible for his imprisonment. There is a very long set-up here but after about half the book it eventually clear what he has planned. What is most interesting with this novel is Dante’s transformation from a good man in the beginning of the book, but when he returns as the Count of Monte Cristo he has changed .pletely. He turns into a vile character, cold and ruthless, destroying his enemies fortunes and families. Even though we know what Dante has gone through it can be hard to sympathize with him, especially when he punishes the innocent family members of his enemies. Dante soon realizes that his need for revenge has been controlling him when an innocent boy gets killed. After this he forgives the man responsible for his own imprisonment and allows himself to be.e the generous man he was before. Although sometimes it can be long and tedious, this is a beautiful story about the tragic but hopeful life of Edmund Dante. The characters of the book is not always likeable but in the end it is worth reading. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: