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Investing In a turbulent stock market, it is important to invest in fundamentally strong, blue-chip stocks as they are safe and less volatile. Furthermore, if you invest in them at the right price and at the right time, you can even make great returns with these safe stocks. But how to find such fundamentally strong stocks? Several fundamentally strong .panies are part of the Nifty 50. S&P CNX Nifty (or Nifty 50) is a well-diversified 50 stock index of .panies from 21 sectors of the economy. These stocks are widely considered to be the barometers of the economy are individually market leaders in their own sectors. Most Nifty 50 Stocks are considered safe due to their fundamentally strong business model as they are largely held by institutional investors who ensure that the management runs the .pany efficiently and hence lead to good returns for the shareholders. Get the Best of the NSE Nifty 50 with Nifty 50 Superstars! While the NSE Nifty 50 is a good indication of where to look for the best of the safe stocks, you cannot blindly invest in just any Nifty 50 stock. There may be some stocks in the Nifty 50 that may not be fundamentally strong, or may be overvalued. Keeping this in mind, MoneyWorks4me developed Nifty 50 Superstars. Nifty Superstars busts the myth of "high risk, high returns" by helping you get high returns from low-risk stocks .It helps you track Nifty 50 Stocks and gives you the Right Investment Decision, instantly, all in one place. Nifty 50 Superstars tells you whether a .pany is fundamentally strong by colour-coding the financials (Green=Great, Orange=Good, Red=Risky) of the past 10 years and by analysing the Long Term Future Prospects. It also provides the MRP, which is the intrinsic value of the stock. Further you also get BUY/SELL signals based of technicals and fundamentals. Nifty 50 Superstars also gives you the Management X-RAY which helps you understand the credibility of the management of the .pany on 5 crucial parameters. A good, credible management is crucial for the growth of the business and hence it is important to check out the Management X-RAY of a Nifty 50 .pany before investing in it Thus safe stock investing in this turbulent time a reality with Nifty 50 Superstars! Log on to MoneyWorks4me and Subscribe now and get Great Returns from the safest stocks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: