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Samsung said in Note 7 bombing Department of external heating, HUAWEI has nothing to do with me – the Sohu of science and technology to clarify the state line version of Galaxy Note 7 fire, not only involved the battery supplier ATL Samsung and Samsung, also blasted HUAWEI. Samsung said in an official statement earlier in the country line version of fire "caused by external heating, this also implies that the state line version of human existence the possibility of fire, although not directly pointed out, but also to the country’s first case of fire before and after some rumors. Then, the mobile phone business is gaining momentum in recent years HUAWEI released an official statement, said the matter has no relationship with HUAWEI, and retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities." HUAWEI said in a statement that "don’t be evil, do not fall, HUAWEI is the most basic evil bottom line business ethics." On that day, the Samsung Note 7 state line version of the fire broke the news, micro-blog V users Dumbo Xiang Ligang said HUAWEI consumers BG CEO Yu Chengdong "internal warning their employees, Samsung explosion is not HUAWEI’s opportunity, but for HUAWEI’s warning." After that, the State Bank Note 7 first broke the news that Baidu post bar users McLay has closed the personal dynamics. Earlier, even if the external pressure of public opinion, Galaxy Note 7 in one after another overseas bombing eventually Samsung announced the recall strategy, but it is not the state line version in the recall. The reason why Samsung has been explained in the official statement, the overseas version of the battery supplier is a Samsung battery subsidiary SGI, while the line version of the supplier is ATL, and the battery manufacturing process is the problem of the former. State line version of Note 7 is therefore not in the recall list. But in September 18th, the state line version of Galaxy Note 7 broke the first burning accident. In second days, Samsung released a statement saying, "we by Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the product test results show that the product is damaged due to external heating caused by." Samsung battery supplier ATL also released an official statement said, "according to the burn marks on the sample, we speculate that the heat source comes from the cell body, there may be other factors causing large heating problem." Originally in the upper reaches of the supply chain ATL also because of the accident was widely reported, it has now become the core supplier of Galaxy Note 7, its orders will be much higher than the original 35%. ATL is also an apple supplier. Recently, operators and retailers in the United States, Australia and other regions received a new batch of models, Note 7 are also in succession to resume shelves sales. One after another after the accident, Samsung has been in this product to the SGI battery supply. Regardless of country for bombing conspiracy behind the conspiracy, the accident for Samsung’s influence is far more than a product so simple. Samsung shares evaporated more than 22 billion U.S. dollars, the cost of the recall of up to $1 billion. Samsung brand.相关的主题文章: