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Religion Medicine and the way people treat disease and illness are changing. Alternative medicine is gaining in popularity while, in some cases, science and mystical spirituality are joining hands to form a new frontier for the advancement of healthcare. New Age medicine involves the application of generally Eastern/occult methods of healing while stressing treatment of the whole person body, mind and spirit. The term is frequently used interchangeably with holistic medicine and alternative medicine. Occult and metaphysical terminology is removed from New Age medicine and healing techniques to make them more acceptable to the wider public. The result is that many people are using these practices and remedies without knowing what they are participating in. New Age Healing Rooted in the Occult Alternative therapies are offered to people to replace drugs and eliminate their many side effects. In stead of taking pain-killers patients are recommended to undergo acupuncture, while the need to balance energies is advanced as an alternative to operations and the taking of conventional biomedicine. The concept behind New Age Healing is that there is an intelligence, a cosmic force, or a vital force which pervades the universe, and that people become sick when they are not properly aligned or attuned to this force. Health is presented as a holistic concept, including the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a person. The techniques to ensure a persons well-being in all these areas are not known to general practitioners since they only concentrate on the biological nature of medical disorders. New Age practitioners, on the other hand, are focused on the healing of the entire person through the working of the vital force and the restoration of the cosmic energy flow in patients. It is a common occult teaching that everything in the universe is vibrating, has sound, colour, a number and a form attached to it. These features can be used to bring about changes in an organism through the correct energy flow, and to promote healing in malfunctioning organisms. The hands are powerful tools used in occult healing. A well-known New Age author, Alice Bailey, said: It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple become transmitters of spiritual energy. Massage, acupressure, and the laying on of hands by such people can expose a patient to dangerous occult influences. In psychic and occult healing, the true source of the healing energy is seldom revealed. Therefore, it can be practised under the name of any religion and even pretends to be Christian. Some practitioners will invoke the God of forces who is in control of the life force manipulated by them. This is a title of the devil. The coming Antichrist will not honour the God of his fathers, but in His place he will honour the God of forces (Dan. 11:37-38; cf. Rev. 13:2). Millions of people are being deceived by exposing themselves to mystical techniques which are empowered by Satan. The following are some of the mystical therapies used by New Age practitioners as an alternative to biomedicine: Healing with Sound In New Age thought, each organ is believed to have a specific vibration attached to it. The flow of energy through these organs may be interrupted and thrown out of balance by unnatural sounds such as noises caused by motor cars, screams of fear, anger or pain, etc. Meditative New Age music is used to promote alternative states of consciousness and to soothe the soul. In addition to the music, mantras, or sacred words, are also used to penetrate the soul and align the energies that are out of balance. The danger with meditative trances such as these is that the person opens himself for visitation by alien spirits, often referred to as spirit guides. They are demons who disguise themselves as angels of light (2 Cor. 11:14) and endeavour to help the person achieve a false form of inner peace and healing, and also to act as advisors in decision-making. Healing with Colour Colours are used in healing in a similar manner to the way numbers are used in numerology. An esoteric meaning is associated with every colour, and by visualising its mystical significance, healing and positive energy flow are promoted. Objects with the colours that correspond to a particular problem are placed close to the afflicted body parts to effect healing. Fruit with healing colours are also eaten while clothing with matching colours is worn. Astrology plays a role in this type of healing as the signs of the zodiac have, according to occult thought, their own colours that correspond to the human anatomy. Healing with Crystals Crystals supposedly contain vibrational frequencies that mystically interconnect with the earths and the individuals energy field. They are used to amplify or realign psychic or cosmic energy for psychic healing and entering altered states of consciousness. Time magazine has observed that crystal power and crystal healing are among the most favoured New Age techniques for expanding consciousness and curing ailments. According to the nature of the illness, the crystal will become hot or cold as it is passed over the persons aura. In terms of this occult belief, the crystal is absorbing the bad energy out of the body. People also place crystals under their pillows to have nice dreams and to be taught in their subconscious mind by the cosmic wisdom with which the crystals supposedly establish contact. Biofeedback A monitoring device is used to extend the five senses with a view to creating a deeper sense of awareness. In this way, your consciousness is expanded by integrating the mind and body in a way which cannot be effected in a state of normal consciousness. The deeper, integrated state of consciousness promotes relaxation, creativity and intuition. In response to the information received from the monitoring device you take voluntary control of your bodily processes. You are enabled to control your muscles, eye movements and brain waves, and can even learn to practise a form of self-hypnosis by achieving an altered state of consciousness. In this way you enter the cosmic sphere and tap an occult source of energy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: