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Secret: the vice ministerial level officials of corruption family scale to see Wang Su Rong security Wang Hongjing original title: Vice Minister of family corruption scale to the Su Rong line wrote song Hai of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate announced that the former vice mayor of Jiaozuo Wang Hongjing bribery investigation recently. Who is Wang Hongjing? Many small partners may be some strange. But if it must be filed his eldest brother, former director of the National Bureau for having heard it many times – Wang Baoan. The Bureau of statistics office only 8 months, Wang Baoan was informed sacked. And his big brother Wang Hongjing more short-lived: a few days after being taken away discipline inspection commission. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that Wang Baoan sacked, not only brought the big brother Wang Hongjing. According to public reports, serving the city of Pingdingshan Zhanhe district Party committee secretary of the younger brother Wang Hongxi also sacked almost at the same time. Eighteen years, the central anti-corruption efforts unprecedented. Prior to the notification, we can often see the case involving relatives of corruption. But in these cases, a person is an officer, relatives of money. Many people like Wang brothers and officials involved in corruption cases are open, re understanding of the complexity of the anti-corruption situation. Anhui, the west side of the screen, Dongping two can be described as corruption battle brothers. Fang Xiping is the former Secretary of the Huainan municipal Party Dongping, is the former director of the Hefei Municipal People’s Congress House Judiciary committee. To make money, they have to play together, together to promote the plan, a cop, a cop. According to the west side of the screen itself, is my main environment and coordination problems, Dongping party responsible for liaison and coordination to promote the interpretation of a disgraceful brothers on the scene." The "people’s court" reported earlier this month published an article "corruption" Errenzhuan ":" a pair of rent-seeking officials brothers, the disclosure of more details of the Fang brothers to play together. Through repeated transfers, for real estate property is one day in the second half of 2006, the west side of the screen from Chizhou back to Hefei home, with Fang Dongping said, Chizhou City real estate Yangtze River Road intersection with Chi Yang Lu good, recommend a few customers to buy my brother. On the west side of the screen operation, the amount of a property 13 million 300 thousand yuan, merchants themselves out only 1 million 980 thousand, the rest of the city management of Chizhou Investment Limited company to pay, in return, the party’s two brothers get 30% of the property. Jiangxi Li Anyun, Li Anze brothers official pursue "money open", but because the level difference, their main object is different. Li Anze was the director of Jiangxi provincial development and reform commission. According to informed sources, the Commission staff from Su Rong’s wife in sister department found a gift Li Anze paintings, so Li was removed. Wonderful story is: the relevant departments will investigate the news of Su Rong, Li Anze had to look for the "Yu Jie", want to go back to the painting, but did not want to come back. The former Soviet Union has been sacked privately said, Li Anze this man does not fly". Li Anyun was the Jiangxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau deputy inspector, media said he is to have sacked Jiangxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of former director Wang Yong bribery by the Commission investigation. Corruption brothers file not only caused a相关的主题文章: