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UnCategorized It is very vital that anyone who intends to sell and get profit on eBay be aware of some crucial tips to sell. This is mostly important for the fact that eBay attracts in the region of 2.5 million visitors per day. This is huge business. You should take it seriously and not as a hobby. Perhaps the most crucial thing to always keep in mind is that eBay times are in Pacific Time zone, which means in whatever part of the world you live in, you will be maximizing your time auction, if you start your auctions based on that. The auction will close as per the pacific time zone, regardless of you just waking up when its midnight in the pacific. And the timing alone is not enough. The nature of the product plays a supplementary role as well. For example, if you plan to auction something to the average school going teenagers, keep in mind that most likely the chances they will get to go through eBay thoroughly is when they are free, and that will most likely be on the weekends. So, it makes more sense that you post on Friday evening. And besides those timings and days, the best times to go and begin is the festive seasons, and also at the end of the month, when people have just earned their salaries and are more willing to make purchases. Many buyers will be happy with a product and want to purchase, but then the cost of shipping itself should not make them hesitate to buy. It is very wise to check out the latest offers that packaging .panies may have, as you may even save money in this process by offering to send the item you’re auctioning free of any postage fee. A happy buyer is more than likely to buy from you again. So, stay away from putting outrageous shipping prices on your items. How you advertise your item will help your sale. If you are taking photos of the item, make sure the picture sells. Don’t use poor quality light. Make sure you display your item not with too many other items in the background to make the original item unseen. Most buyers also search for an item seeing the keyword, so this makes it very important that you carefully choose precise words that will stand out to show the type of item you wish to sell. Looking at the words most people use to buy will help you a lot. Finally, take caution about carelessness. One slip can prove very costly as much as your profits are concerned. Before you bid for anything, make sure that the price that you have tagged for the item is the correct one that you have settled upon. Once you post the item on auction, you cannot reverse the selling price. Don’t put money for a bid in a hurry and if you don’t bother to confirm, you may easily lose lot of money. Remember: God helps those who help themselves. That’s it for this article and thank you for reading this article. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: