Shenyang airport from 27 to carry or check the Samsung Note7 boarding

Shenyang airport 27 day ban carrying luggage or Samsung Note7 boarding Washington (Chinese Morning Post reporter Xu Zheng) Shenyang airport in accordance with the "ban on air transport Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone notice", from 27 onwards is prohibited to carry passengers or shippers Samsung Galaxy Note7. The provisions of the implementation of the two days since, Taoxian airport not detected or checked the mobile phone to carry passengers. Taoxian 27 ban from the date of the carriage or shipment of Samsung Note7 boarding Chinese Civil Aviation Bureau recently issued a "ban on air transport Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone notice", the announcement on October 27, 2016 onwards. Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone abnormal heating, burning and other issues, it may cause a fire. As of October 11th, the Chinese mainland has occurred from the 20 mobile phone overheating, burning incident. In order to ensure the safety of air transport, air transport will prohibit the relevant provisions of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone announcement: a non passengers and crew members carry or carried in hand luggage Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to Note7. Two, passengers and crew members are not allowed to Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone checked baggage checked. Three, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is strictly prohibited as air cargo transportation. Four, a public air transport enterprise and ground service agent, aviation sales agents should be on ticketing, check-in, goods transportation and other aspects according to the content of the above provisions obligation. Staff: two days did not find the passengers according to the airport security personnel, in recent months, the domestic more than the Samsung mobile phone fever, burning incident, in order to ensure flight safety, many airlines have banned passengers checked the mobile phone; there are some airport or airline only allowed, not allowed check. Therefore, after the formal implementation of the provisions of the passengers with a high degree of coordination, and are very understanding. Before the deadline to 2 days, Taoxian airport has been used the provisions, did not find the passengers carrying luggage or the Samsung mobile phone. And nearly 2 months time, only a female passenger carrying the phone, was told not to be allowed to carry, the passengers will be sent to the phone to see off a friend, smooth process. "Airlines Airport, on the relevant circumstances, the danger made propaganda; on the other hand, although the new regulations has promulgated, but the relevant prohibition has been gradually implemented, so passengers can calmly accept." Security personnel said that for those who violate the regulations, the public security organs, civil aviation administrative organs will be in accordance with the circumstances, in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations. (thanks to Taoxian airport staff Li Yimei to assist the interview)相关的主题文章: