Shimao real estate in the first half net profit margin of about 15% invest 8 billion 200 milli invictus gaming

Shimao real estate in the first half net profit margin of about 15%  invest 8 billion 200 million yuan to buy real estate, pictures from the network. Beijing (Yu Yanming) in September 1, the first half of 2016, Shimao real estate (00813.HK) sold 34 billion 500 million yuan worth of housing, an increase of 9.2%, the company to set the annual sales target is 67 billion yuan, 6 months ago, just finished half. The second half of the year to increase investment in land city, Shimao real estate in Nanjing sales value of more than 5 billion yuan, Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other major city sales have exceeded 1 billion 500 million yuan, the city prices rose by more than 30% many projects, some projects even rose 23, which makes the Shimao real estate sales in the first half of the average price from last year’s 12 thousand yuan per square meter rose to 14 thousand yuan per square meter. The second half of the year, Shimao real estate will launch 3 million 730 thousand square meters area, together with the first section of 3 million 140 thousand square meters at the end of the first half of the sale area, the next 6 months, the company can sell the total area will reach 6 million 870 thousand square meters, according to the first half of the average selling price of 14 thousand yuan per square meter, the company’s sales value will reach 96 billion 200 million yuan. According to the Deputy real estate presentation in the current assets, the company included in the development of the property as of the first half and held for sale completion of the property scale (cost report) reached 122 billion 500 million yuan. The company advances from the scale of 29 billion 500 million yuan, in the Real Estate Company of payment in advance is usually locked in advance of the sale of 1629. Shimao real estate during the first half of the year also increased to stock the three or four line of the city, make the price adjustment for long aging heavy inventory, inventory sales company in the first half of 21 billion 900 million yuan, compared to the same period last year increased 7 billion 900 million yuan, sales ratio rose by 19%. At the end of June, a second tier city, Shimao real estate stocks accounted for 69%, increased by 6% compared with the beginning. In the second half of the first tier cities and the proportion of supply will be raised to 54%. In the first half of the company in Fuzhou, Yinchuan, Beijing, Nanjing and Wuhan, an increase of about 8 plots totaling about 1 million 100 thousand square meters of land reserves, land rights and interests of less than $8 billion 200 million, the average floor price of about 11 thousand yuan square meters. At the end, Shimao real estate owns 116 projects, located in 41 National City, a total of 31 million 850 thousand square meters of land reserves, the average land cost only 3000 yuan per square meter. Prior to the annual general meeting of the company, Shimao Real Estate Board vice chairman and executive director Xu Tan said the company this year to buy budget will be more than last year, is expected to reach 30 billion yuan, but he also said that a second tier city, the biggest risk is the most expensive land. In the first half of the company to get too much, close to 10 billion yuan, the second half will be more. We will through cooperation, acquisition, transfer and second-hand items agreed with the government, through the health, pension, culture, entertainment and other concepts, build the core area of the city, in order to get some reasonable price of land." Xu Shitan said. Shimao real estate in May this year, the total price of 8 billion 800 million yuan bid won the Nanjing Jianye Jiangdong No. 5 project)相关的主题文章: