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Sina – contemporary art artist Liu Guoyi " dream; no trace " a show! At three p.m. on August 23, 2016, artist Liu Guoyi’s solo exhibition "dream without mark" at the opening on Shi international salon, the exhibition for Liu Guoyi, has unusual significance, many friends have come to the art scene. Contemporary art painter Liu Guoyi’s works are focused on the inner portrayal, mainly based on their dreams, and life all sorts of fantasies, full of magic and imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, but also filled with fun and love of nature. Talking about the "dream traceless" theme exhibition, "Liu Guoyi said artists are very good, the dream is the artist to practical materialistic society silent protest and avoidance, dream compared to the reality, is one of the most pure creator of heaven and earth". Liu Guoyi 2016 "dream no trace" exhibition organizers: riding Shi international salon, green village carriage media curator: Meng Heng opening time: August 23, 2016 exhibition time: August 23rd -9 month 23 days   Liu Guoyi was born in 1974 in Anhui Huainan, now living in Beijing Songzhuang artists   love and belief in art "in righteousness like a a big boy, often give a person the feeling of light of heart from care good mood, bad mood and are on the outside, through the understanding of meaning in his works again, feeling particularly deep. For example, the last supper, to say that the world peace is the hope of the novel is a world full of love, which reflects the heart of Justice – the love of others and the world. I think for the artist, the man is the first, if his character does not pass, the painting will have problems. I recognize the righteousness of the people, the heart is full of love. "Live guest –" I know people who know, I will turn on the lights to sleep at night, because often nightmares, after having faith, my dream began to become clear. My bed standing pen and paper, wake up immediately after the dream scene gives the portrait, although not fully restored, but thank God in a dream to create and manifest the grotesque image, let me in the cell pocket not seen countless sights and a variety of elf. "Artist Liu Guoyi explains the theme of" dream without trace ". "I know in Songzhuang righteousness is the first and best country artist, meaning very hard, super hard, I am also a painter, has been busy with drawing, but China is still much worse than just" — the guests. "In the meaning of painting has a very unique characteristics, expression of his inner mystery and fantasy exquisite, and the righteous in the eyes of friends in peacetime tenderness kind have a great contrast, I was deeply in the delicate and mysterious meaning paintings by" — "in the usual meaning to live guest friends very enthusiastic, lukewarm personality is kind, there is a time to see him in the creation of appearance, different from the usual state, that attention and passion and motivation to deeply infected me" — the guests of contemporary art and Art Society ", there is no faith and beliefs vary greatly, from the spirit, will become more powerful, in righteous belief!相关的主题文章: