Small appliances strong lock awe2017 high-end products into a new industry standard – home appliance

Small appliances strong lock AWE2017 high-end boutique industry into the new standard — home — original title: small household electrical appliances strong lock AWE2017 high-end boutique into the new industry standard user with the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer habits, consumer demand for the quality of life continues to improve. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of life of high-end small household electrical appliances more and more to enter the Chinese family. Data show that, at present, China’s small household appliances market size of about 350 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate of 30%, the market potential. Small household electrical appliance brands will gather AWE2017 in recent years, high-end small household appliances market performance, sales rose. This is also reflected in the AWE incisively and vividly. Sponsored by the association of China Chinese home appliances home appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair (Appliance& electronics; World Expo, referred to as AWE) is a comprehensive home appliance the largest and strongest appeal, the most widely influential exhibition, and famous throughout the Asia Pacific region, known as the development of the Asia Pacific region home appliance industry benchmark". AWE2017 just started 1 months, it has sold nearly 80% of the booth. Among them, small household appliances fluttering situation is very prominent, the booth resources are very tight, extremely unpopular sales, many well-known brands at home and abroad have been identified to participate. The general category Museum, museum, Home Furnishing intelligent electrical life Museum, museum and other kitchen appliances exhibition will be on display of small household appliances. It is reported that Haier, Midea, BOSCH, SIEMENS, Panasonic and other home appliance brands, will be more than 1 thousand square meters of the area to display, and will be one of the focus of the display of small household electrical appliances. Joyoung, SUPOR, Vitamix (Vita simax), Tiger (Tiger), My Juicer, Laurastar, Westinghous, Vidal Sassoon, BaByliss, Cuisinart, Conair, Omega, Karcher (Kai Chi), Ecovacs, FOMART, ASD, Solis, FLYCO, lake, Amy, dog, bear and other famous small household appliances brand exhibitors have been identified, and for its high-end, leading products for display. The high-end international chemical industry as a new standard AWE and CES IFA, one of the three world – famous home appliances and consumer electronics exhibition, will become the high-end small appliances industry big parade, contests, contention of a hundred schools of thought. In an unprecedented AWE2017, each enterprise according to the current very popular consumer blitz high-end small appliances, will also come up with a "special" products. Not only domestic brands in AWE contests, many famous foreign brands have joined them, hoping to shine on the AWE. Intelligent, healthy, the use of experience is becoming the main theme of high-end small appliances. Review of AWE2016, Haier, Midea, BOSCH, SIEMENS, Matsushita, SUPOR, Ecovacs, Joyoung, like many other brands of smart appliances are on display. Air purifiers, humidifiers, fruit and vegetable detoxification machines, clean water)相关的主题文章: