South Korean intelligence predicts that North Korea will conduct the sixth nuclear test before the e happynewyear

Korea and the U.S. intelligence machine to predict North Korea will be the sixth nuclear test before the end of the original title: Korea US intelligence predicted North Korea will be by the end of the sixth nuclear test according to Yonhap News reported on September 12th, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman still have 12 days at a regular press conference that the Korea US intelligence agencies believe that North Korea has do a good job in Fenxi nuclear test site in a new round of nuclear tests at any time to be carried out nuclear tests in the second or third branch tunnel tunnel tunnel. From the Fifth North Korean nuclear test, South Korean officials said in public that North Korea will soon conduct a sixth nuclear test, South Korean Unification Minister Hong Rong in September 9th to attend the plenary meeting of the Committee of foreign dipper unity Congress, "whether North Korea will conduct a sixth nuclear test" shortly after the question answered, North Korea continued the nuclear test preparations, from related trends, within a short period of time is likely to implement nuclear test. South Korean Defense Intelligence Minister of the day to the government and the three major party leadership report, reference fourth nuclear tests precedent, inspection instruments analysis confirmed that North Korea nuclear test data needed for going to be at least 2 to 3 days, the slowest to 7 days. In view of Fenxi nuclear test site and 2 to 3 of the available tunnel, the defense intelligence headquarters that North Korea may launch a nuclear provocation test by surprise again. South Korea’s ruling party chief spokesman for the new world Lian Donglie explained that from the current situation, and the possibility that North Korea conducted a nuclear test, rather than as long as North Korea conducted a nuclear test at any time can be determined. South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman still have previously reported in Korean media disclosed the specific location of several North Korean nuclear test, North Korea and the composition of underground tunnel. At present, Fenxi nuclear test site has a total of three tunnels, while North Korea has not conducted nuclear tests in third trenches. North Korea’s first nuclear test (October 9, 2006) conducted in first tunnels, second (May 25, 2009), third (February 12, 2013), fourth (January 6, 2006) nuclear test were conducted in second tunnels, fifth nuclear tests conducted at a distance of fourth nuclear test field 400-500 meters. Korean media analysis, on the west side of tunnel is a horizontal tunnel, internal spiral structure. The tunnel is equipped with more than and 10 fan thick iron gate, placed a variety of test equipment. The structure can effectively block the leakage of various radioactive materials produced by the nuclear explosion. Before the fourth of the North Korean nuclear test four nuclear test the specific location of the North Korean media analysis of the tunnel structure on the west side, North Korea in the West extension line, tunnel digging a new tunnel. Experts speculate that North Korea’s fifth nuclear test was carried out at the site of the fourth nuclear test at a distance of 9 km west. Before the fourth nuclear test of North Korea and South Korea have been paying close attention to Fenxi nuclear test field, has also been to North Korea’s nuclear test and estimate the possibility of a specific time. In January 3, 2006, a report by the Korean Ministry of defense force directly "military of put protection command" released by North Korea in the Fenxi test venue for the new tunnel, speculated that North Korea in a new nuclear test preparation, January 6th North Korea conducted a fourth nuclear test. October 25, 2015 North Korea fenxi.相关的主题文章: