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South Korean Ministry of Justice: stranded at Cheju Airport Chinese had all returned home – Fujian channel — original title: South Korean Ministry of Justice: stranded at Cheju Airport Chinese have all returned South Korean Ministry of Justice said 14 days, Chinese Chinese during the National Day in South Korea refused entry has been returned to Cheju Airport. Earlier, media reports "hundreds of tourists during the National Day China was" Xiaoheiwu in Jeju Island. "". South Korean Ministry of justice 14 to Xinhua News Agency reporter made a written response. Turning to the Chinese refused to enter the treatment, the South Korean Ministry of Justice said that the entry of foreign personnel will be refused to wait inside the Cheju Airport waiting for indoor standby. The waiting room is split between men and women, each with a quilt, meals in principle, borne by me, I have no ability to bear in the case, the airline can provide. At present, the Chinese national holidays during the entry of Chinese people have been refused to return home. South Korean Ministry of Justice said that the trip to Jeju Island should carry a valid passport and meet the purpose of tourism. If I am not aware of the travel schedule, there is no scheduled accommodation, there is no round-trip air tickets to Jeju Island, then it may be refused entry. At the same time, the immigration officer will fill in the entry according to the entry declaration and submit the certification materials, combined with interviews to determine whether comprehensive entry permit, so immigrants must review the immigration officer to answer questions truthfully. South Korean Ministry of Justice said that from January 1st to September 30th this year, a total of 9785 foreigners were refused entry to Jeju Island. According to some domestic media reports, during the eleven, there are Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea, due to the inability to provide paper hotel orders were refused entry, at the airport detained more than 100 Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists on the issue of obstruction, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju this month, 8, said, according to international practice, the South Korean law enforcement agencies have the right not to allow foreign tourists to enter and refused to explain the reasons. Consulate General of Chinese that tourists, as indeed have been unfairly treated, can collect and preserve the evidence, after complaints by or judicial settlement. (reporter Yao Qilin Jin Hao?) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: