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Spring 10.28: financial weekly closing again short of crude oil, at the end of the golden nine silvers in the long-term opportunities for We want you in! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Spring 10.28: financial weekly crude oil continued ending short, long-term opportunities ushered in the golden nine silver at the end of October coming to an end, the price of crude oil will open a new chapter, and next week (October 31 – November 4th) the price of crude oil will also usher in a large number of heavy market, November will also draw on the crude oil market as a strong color. Next week, the FOMC meeting, non-agricultural strikes, OPEC meeting to remind investors to pay attention to the news. On Friday, crude oil prices follow down concussion, and late oil drilling, the market is still expected to increase bad crude oil, and OPEC frozen production agreement willing to cut to Saudi Arabia striking one snag after another, anti Iraq immunity bitten to death. Therefore, crude oil investors must be treated with caution. The rise in oil prices is confronted with many obstacles, gartman lists the current oil prices facing many obstacles: the Russian state-owned oil company (Rosneft) to Iran continued to increase; the lifting of international sanctions, sanctions before the determination to restore to the output of crude oil, 4 million barrels per day level; at the same time, Chinese crude oil demand growth seems to have slowed. Gartman said that even if the OPEC reached a freeze production agreement, it is difficult to raise oil prices. Since September, Saudi Arabia announced a reduction in oil prices in order to boost production, the reduction of the agreement can reach the market sentiment for crude oil price fluctuations play a leading role. Because Iraq hopes to exempt production quotas, this week, the international crude oil prices under pressure. The referendum in Italy ushered in the long-term opportunities in Britain in June off the European referendum the aftermath of the fire, and a European country to hold a referendum on Italy. As of October 2016 has entered the end, most of the past two months, the rest may be "black swan" event prone period, in addition to the presidential election in November December, the Italy constitutional referendum may also become a global market, and even affect the shake of the Federal Reserve in December and the European Central bank interest rate meeting of "mine". The crude oil in the long-term opportunities for crude oil, focus on 50.15 Powei case. If the strength of the break, then focus on the 51 resistance barrier. If you do not break 50.15, it is recommended that the layout of the central line empty single, profit at least look at $2 gold line 0.618 position in the United States crude oil point is about 43.3. Technical analysis of crude oil short term rebound yesterday in October 27th 50 line empty, overnight profit is not small. The daily chart for the first time this week to Yang, short term or fixed form, no reversal. After yesterday’s high still close at 49.60 neutral level. While the trend line above failed to recover. The rebound just confirmed the extension line Powei trend. But the daily eventually closed yang. And the price is not low. Analysts believe that even today fell. There’s a $0.8 space below. Not sure whether today’s efforts can break the lows. This short position is relatively passive. Just like yesterday. See weak non weak theory相关的主题文章: