Software SquareDrive is a digital platform through which cricket enthusiasts can experience the joys of everyday cricket and share their excitement with friends and family through a touch of a button. Be it a school match, college match or even a street cricket match, it all needs attention just as an international cricket match. The SquareDrive platform can be used to keep track of everything right from the team name, team member names, matches played, scores to saving pictures and videos and sharing it with your loved ones. SquareDrive mobile and web application can be used for live ball to ball score updates, online scorecards, and recording and uploading of pictures. This app is available on the App Store for free for the Android and will be soon be available for iOS users as well. Features: There are so many exciting features which are added to SquareDrive. The features are: Register teams and team members: Users who sign up for the app can register themselves as a player. Teams can be formed and team members can also be assigned to the teams. Register tournaments and matches: Users are allowed to register matches as well as tournaments through this app. Match schedules, team details, match details can also be maintained through this app. Score management: For every ongoing match, the app allows you to record ball by ball score digitally. These scores can be updated live online through the mobile. Once the match is .plete, the match results can be viewed and the scorecard is available online. The scorecard and match summary can be viewed in detail or brief or even in graph form and can also be exported as PDF and can be viewed offline. Photos and videos: This app allows the users to take pictures and videos during the game play and upload online for the viewers to enjoy the match later. This helps the players to keep track of the matches they played and they can see it later to refer match strategy study, etc. Sharing: This app has built-in integration with Facebook and You Tube where the details of the match and the tournaments, photos and videos of the matches can be shared with your family and friends and even the public. Wall: SquareDrive also facilitates interaction with the group members and the public by posting .ments, discussions and even general reviews. As the wall is well integrated with Facebook, you can reply for the .ments like a conversation message and can also like the posts. SquareDrive is a fantastic application which helps you to maintain a digital system for cricket scoring. With SquareDrive you are free to track matches, tournaments, schedules of matches, Live ball to ball updates, online Scorecards, team performances, top performers, recording and uploading of pictures and videos, sharing on Facebook. This is the perfect app for cricketers from a beginner to a professional and even cricket geeks to track their ongoing matches and tournament details. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: