Strange doctor although good but also hidden behind the diffuse Wei five crises (video) solid converter

"Doctor Strange" but also hidden behind the marvel five crisis [Abstract] objective "," singular effects dazzle like other Marvel masterpiece as good-looking as in the past, but hidden behind the marvel five routine crisis can not be ignored. I beg your pardon? "Strange doctor" buried behind the five crises? Tencent (the entertainment Zhuangao Low 48) since eight years ago. Pepo Robert Donny in "Iron Man" in the opening waved gently blow half Afghan desert, Disney and marvel will move forward to conquer the world’s footsteps: from the team and many other heroes all green giant Thor debut after rolled out the board of the first order to introduce the silver shield sell adorable funny nonsensical ant man after the second order getting better and then use the dark plot reversal child cry subtly malicious countless fans, many younger brother sister started third first order of the "civil war" Marvel road was a road, hit. Each book is reputation bumper box office, from the "natal" never abandon the idiotic powder, to the discerning critic, did not spare his own praise: so far has been released in the thirteen movie, there is no one down pass line in rotten tomatoes under the the most mediocre, "as Thor: Superman dark world" reputation even than DC on the most popular "iron": from the high rate of 10%. Evaluation of the marvel movie completely suppressed the old rival DC as the first Marvel third order of "strange doctor" is also a marvel, gilded bad legends no surprise: 92% rotten tomatoes freshness, 8 IMDb score in the first release of the overseas market in three days take 86 million dollars, domestic box office estimates also between 6000-7000 million dollars. The first reaction in small seen after the premiere is: Marvel next city, facing the big score 14:0, you have DC too much to handle? "Strange doctor" evaluation in rotten tomatoes freshness up to 92% IMDB up to 8 points "and" yes, doctor strange you see previous Marvel films, with simple stereotypes but full of hope of the characters, like the standard three. The entrance section of narrative, every 35 minutes to make you laugh the bursting point piece, and absolutely can let you be struck dumb visual effects…… No matter how are you can not miss the best entertainment. But this does not mean that "the strange doctor" is a perfect work – the mistakes made in the past eight years by dr.. So today we will not talk about those known as highlights, to "strange", along the count since Marvel opened the "five sins". 1 weak villain admit it, although early in the first order will give one of the most popular villain superhero genre: but in the popular, flowers, high cold and playfully adorable state full of Loki overnight Hongbian micro-blog twitter Tumblr, marvel villain lay in food the tasteless chicken ribs. Do not believe you can see: whether it is "Iron Man 2" in "whiplash"; "the 2" in the dark elves Malekith; or the Milky Way "guard" in Ronan…… So, almost every villain is a formality!相关的主题文章: