Sun Li drying out before and after the contrast of Deng Chao plastic surgery Facial changes are too aapt.exe

Sun Li drying out before and after the contrast of Deng Chao plastic surgery? The face of the change was too obvious (Figure) Sun Lishai Deng Chao "before and after plastic surgery for CF in November 23rd, Sun Li micro-blog update, drying out of two Deng Chao Street Photos, one photo, Deng Chao dressed up in fine fig, and neatly, another picture, although the same wearing sunglasses, holding a coffee and the bag, but face a lot of fat, white hair is a lot of photos with the text, respectively." and "plastic surgery", in contrast to the overall look of two photographs strong. After the photo exposure, users have commented: "this is the hair before and after the hair transplant?" The new realm of black Deng Chao." "Great, my sister, black super brother play it." Before and after marriage." Micro-blog screenshots to see so many users comments, Deng Chao also hurriedly message said: "too much darling." As a model of happy couples entertainment love to kill, Sun Li and Deng Chao as we unlock a variety show loving funny way. Method: Deng Chao and Sun Li than the offbeat face than in the sun when offbeat face customers, Deng Chao Sun Li broke the box with the conventional way of lovers, far and near, and a small visual impact there, Sun Li with big glasses lip appearance, charming in a more mischievous, and Deng Chao is hard into the lens, appear in the corner of the photograph. In addition to chic appearance, Deng Chao was also close with the text said "behind every successful woman, there is a great man". After the intimacy of the AIT empress, Sun Li replied with a word: "beauty". However, "undaunted" Deng Chao and myself said: "my face is very small". This pair of Deng Chao and the empress to the "beauty" posture is indeed a regular routine away star show of affection. Method two gifts do not take the unusual way: Sun Li micro-blog screenshots in addition to the self do not take the unusual way, even the way to send gifts are very chic Deng Chao. When the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day, many couples choose to this day with another expression of love, flowers gifts. Deng Chao has always been funny than in this special day to his wife sent seven watermelons. This unique way of love also angered Sun Li "dissatisfaction" in micro-blog sun as saying: "the Qixi Festival Mr. Deng’s gift, he said to send me the most valuable gift." Method three hold you in the palm of the hand: Deng Chao in the palm of the hand in addition to love to kill, in a timely manner to a sweet talk is also super brother of the routine. The evening of February 27th, start a new model show loving Deng Chao, Sun Li shouted: "put on the Internet in your hands." Deng Chao used his hand to put a different style, but all the empress Sun Lipeng in the palm of the hand position. After seeing the photos of the netizens have said: eat the dog food sincerely convinced. Methods four funny couple: when Deng Chao and Sun Li face in the March 14th White Valentine’s day, Deng Chao and Sun Lixiu is "loving couples face"! Two people exchange face really makes friends innocently tell, "husband and wife" so chic show loving way only this clown to come. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: