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Sun Yueying: you are a single set of single loss is also you do you really so failed? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! If you look at this article now, that your list was deeply set, or a serious loss last night, might as well with the teacher Sun Yueying a good exchange, EIA last night Dumbledore crude oil soaring moment, a lot of their own operation only depends on the data of investment after more than a single friend, but then all the earlier gains, prices plummeted after reversal so now, certainly have a lot of friends more than one have been deeply caught up, then we have the opportunity to do more than a single out, how to operate? The single set of friends hope you read this article carefully, many friends in the market when the mutation and single quilt, quilt, confound, the list will also carry out, how many points? Or just to find a teacher to ask you, and then you just find a teacher asked, the result is still the same, would not come out, Mr. Sun Yueying would like to say is, do the investment, no matter what is done, the first specific conditions, it is Never mind mentality, we can not manipulate the market, of course. Don’t be in control of your own market. EIA data bullish why prices are falling? First, we talked about Dumbledore, first thought is the crude oil will rise, is, when the data released, oil prices rose, while the NYMEX most active October WTI crude oil futures contract of September 14th Beijing time 22:30 minutes trading disk instant turnover of 18830 hands, more than $800 million worth of pay contract also prompted the short-term oil and then jump up break through $45 a barrel. When a lot of people think the bulls will be strong return, the oil price has suddenly lowered, rapid decline. Dropping to the lowest 43.81. as to why fall, Yue Ying believes that this week the United States domestic crude oil output end losing streak last week increased by 35 thousand barrels a day, this could be a bad news on oil prices, because the number of oil drilling since May slow recovery is gradually fed back to the U.S. shale oil production capacity. The crude oil production agreement has always been inconsistent, supply and demand tension is also a fact. The fall in oil prices is an established fact. But the news on the surface also affected the cold property speculation heat support, below the $44 mark has been a strong breakthrough, so we look down a mark of $43. How to straddle the crude oil single release, later how to operate? Believe that the market is still a lot of investment by the single set of friends. Today, I have been reminded of European trading hours, EIA market data is large, need to be cautious, so why there are so many investment friends into deep set, in the end or by the impact of the data, the truth of this data face market itself there are many factors, so after single we need to be careful, not to mention the data tonight only slightly bullish market taking is reasonable, so there are more than a single quilt friend must because of the theory of data相关的主题文章: