Suzhou a female doctor on duty alone late night by medical representatives robbed obscene (video)

Suzhou, a female doctor on duty alone late at night a night was a medical representative robbery obscene medical representative too daring robbery obscene female doctor in early September, the Zhangjiagang police received the alarm in a hospital, said a man at night to sneak into the hospital, robbery and molesting a female doctor, what is so bold. In the evening, the hospital inspection and quarantine department doctor Li is on duty, about half past eleven, the corridor reminds me of a footstep, Dr. Lee thought colleagues went to open the door. Dr. Lee: I went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, a shadow came up. (he) turned off the light. I couldn’t see the face clearly. The strange man rushed into the house, stole the money and the Doctor Lee, Dr. Lee was molested. Although Dr. Lee cried for help, but the incident is already late at night, there is no other staff around the office, Lee resisted, the man fled the scene. After the police received the alarm, quickly rushed to the hospital to investigate. Hospital staff: after work is a person on duty, the value of around half past seven in the morning, security is fixed time to patrol again, but there are also time difference, there are criminals come in and do not know. Zhangjiagang City Public Security Bureau police brigade squadron of police Cai Dawei Yang homes: at that time the victim clearly remember, when to call for help, the man covering her mouth, say you don’t quarrel, do you want to continue to work in this hospital general robber will use life threatening words to intimidate the victim, the suspect is said doctors working in the hospital, police speculated that the suspect may be associated with the hospital and not in the hospital, is hospitalized patients. According to the monitoring before and after the hospital entrance display, the incident, the hospital a total of only two private cars in and out, which in a grey car after leaving the hospital, a hurricane, also break several red lights, acting very suspicious. Check the license plate number, the police found the owner is a female owner, said to the police, the car has been ex husband Zhou in the open, the police contact Zhou, Zhou said in Nantong on business, and the police dispatched by discovery, at this time, Zhou is a Zhangjiagang public security card, ready to drive away. Finally, Zhou was arrested in the security bayonet. Originally, Zhou is a medical representative, because the working relationship, had repeatedly contacted the hospital, so shumenshulu. The night of the incident, Zhou drunk, wanted to steal some money to go to the hospital, Doctor Li is unfortunately caught, treasonous. At present, Zhou has been under criminal detention by the police.

苏州一女医生深夜独自值班 遭医药代表抢劫猥亵 医药代表太大胆 抢劫猥亵女医生 9月上旬的一个深夜,张家港警方接到市区一家医院的报警,称有一名男子深夜潜入医院内,抢劫并猥亵了一名女医生,到底是什么人这么大胆。当天晚上,这家医院检验检疫科室的李医生正在值班,十一点半左右,走廊里想起了一阵脚步声,李医生以为是同事,就走过去准备开门。李医生:我去开门,结果门一打开,就有一个黑影冲过来,(他)就把灯关掉了,我根本看不清楚脸。陌生男子冲进屋后,抢走了李医生的钱物,并对李医生进行了猥亵。虽然当时李医生拼命呼救,但事发时已是深夜,科室周围没有其他值班人员,李医生全力反抗,男子才逃离了现场。民警在接到报警后,很快赶到医院展开调查。医院工作人员:下班以后是一个人值班,值到早上七点半左右,安保是有固定时间 巡逻一遍,但也有时间差,有不法分子进来也不知道。张家港市公安局刑警大队杨舍中队民警 蔡大为:当时被害人清晰的记得,当时要呼救的时候,男的捂她嘴,就说你不要吵,你还想不想在这个医院继续工作下去一般抢劫犯都会用危及生命的言语来恐吓受害人,而这个嫌疑人却提到了医生在医院的工作,民警猜测,嫌疑人很可能和医院有关联,不是在医院工作就是住院治疗的病人。根据医院大门口的监控显示,案发前后,整个医院一共只有两辆私家车进出,其中一辆灰色轿车在离开医院后,一路狂飙,还闯了好几个红灯,形迹十分可疑。通过车牌号查询,民警发现车主是一名女性,车主向警方表示,轿车一直是前夫周某在开,民警联系周某时,周某称正在南通谈生意,而民警通过布控发现,此时,周某正在张家港的一处治安卡口,准备驾车逃跑。最后,周某在治安卡口落网。原来,周某是一名医疗器械代表,由于工作关系,曾多次接触过这家医院,所以熟门熟路。案发当晚,周某喝了酒,本想去医院偷点钱,不巧被李医生撞见,就起了歹心。目前,周某已经被警方刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: