SUZUKI official statement we do not exist as the public

SUZUKI official statement: there is a day before the fraud storm SUZUKI 26 models of the fuel consumption as we do not like Volkswagen, SUZUKI officially announced, previously tested fuel efficiency standards and emission tests and not a Japanese official (running resistance value) and the resulting misalignment, the Japanese Ministry of transport (MLIT) has been for fuel the efficiency and emissions of SUZUKI models were re tested. The test results also show that the fuel efficiency and emissions of SUZUKI models are standard. The day before the outbreak of the 26 SUZUKI car fuel fraud storm, the Japanese official re test, the data showed that the standard. MLIT Japanese cross province announced the test results of standard, SUZUKI retreats earlier, SUZUKI in May 18, 2016 was involved in fuel fraud, after the Japanese Ministry of transport (MLIT) in May 31 announced the results of the investigation, a total of 26 vehicles while fuel consumption test method at first and the official is not the same way, but after the official Japanese the retest, found that the fuel consumption data than SUZUKI to submit the results to be excellent, does not constitute fraud, so retreats, and in August 30, 2016, SUZUKI also issued a formal statement, allowing the owners peace of mind. SUZUKI issued a formal statement, I am sorry for the storm caused by this. SUZUKI also said the previous standard test standard and the Japanese Ministry of land, and the different cost of the storm, which caused inconvenience to customers and worry quite sorry, and later will avoid such things happen again, will also strengthen internal management and staff training, arousing public confidence in SUZUKI.相关的主题文章: