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UnCategorized Perhaps you have a strong believe that your baby is probably one of the cutest babies ever born. For this reason, you would like other individuals to notice just how cute the baby is. If not that, you would feel good if your baby participated in a .petition for the cutest baby. You might then decide to enter the infant in a cute baby contest as an act of pride in his or her cuteness. Now, for you to depict all the adorable features that your baby has, you need to know how you can take that perfect winning picture. Read on. One thing you must remember is that that others think the same about their own babies and you have to show how unique yours is. The photo you take will be considered independent of your baby. In a way it is the photo that will win such a contest and not your baby. Luckily, taking that crucial photo is moderately easy. Start by choosing a particular time when the infant is in a jovial mood. Make sure the baby has rested and fed well. Perhaps morning hours can serve as the right time for the kind of photo you might be looking for. A cute baby contest is based on certain features evident on the photo such as the looks, the skin, the outfit, the size, the smile and a host of such features. You must then capture the essence of your baby’s beauty in these features on that photo. Gloom the infant and find the best outfit you can get. A well groomed child dressed smartly is what the judges will be paying attention to. The photo should be taken without the flash to prevent the infant from looking disoriented or shutting the eyes before the shutter closes. Be in a room that is well lit although without direct contact with sunlight, mostly on the toddler’s face. A natural background is superb for a cute baby contest photo although it must not appear as if it was stage set. The baby’s normal playing environment or an outdoor play pen are places you should consider highly. Try to use a digital camera so that you can take as many photos as you can. The photo that will capture the infant’s best pose and character should be the one submitted to the judges. Try to read the magazine where the contest is usually featured. Try to establish what judges are looking for during the cute baby contest. This way you can easily take the winning photo of your precious baby. Firstly, judges are after a high quality picture. The one you took using your defunct home camera or your cell phone might not be the one. The photo should linger in the mind of judges rather than be forgotten as fast as it is laid down. Give them a reason to look at the photo again. If you don’t trust your photography abilities, you can get yourself a professional to do it for you. It is worth remembering that girls always have an advantage during a baby contest over boys. The female infant is held and seen as petite and cute, while boys are depicted as really rambunctious and messy. No.heless, keep trying. In case you lose in the first contest there is no reason to give up. Plenty of contests are always available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: