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Telecom fraud cheated aunt 1 million 400 thousand police 29 days and return to Beijing suspects – a week ago, September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the police Huang Jiaming and Fu Chen Qi finally go home eat a hot meal. Two a smart lad, from Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau jiangdong. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, two people rushed to Fuzhou to track down a telecommunications fraud, has been for 29 days. Because of the typhoon, the wind and rain, very hard. But caught the suspect, also rushed to the home of the Mid Autumn Festival to eat meal, they are very satisfied. The old-fashioned telecommunications fraud, she cheated 1 million 400 thousand us from the beginning. In August 9th, Hangzhou Jiangdong more than and 50 year old Ms. song (a pseudonym) received a phone call. The other claiming telecommunications customer service, said Ms. song’s mobile phone account is abnormal, it is recommended that she called the Shanghai police verification. You may have a few, this is not the most recent "hot" fake "public security" telecommunications fraud? Yes, "Shanghai police" told Ms. song, she suspected money laundering with a bank card and a stamped with the official seal of a warrant issued by WeChat. Ms. song panic god. What did the cheater do after that? He first said, can help to prove the innocence of Ms. song, and as an excuse to ask Ms. song’s bank card account number and identity card number. Since then, the liar in the name of security, Ms. song to buy a new smart phone, and open the link he sent. Then, in order to check the name of the account, so that all the cards in the home of the deposit card, are remitted to the bank card that they know the account. The final result is that the liar is divided into three days, Ms. song remitted to the bank card of more than $140 – this is a song just get a recent relocation compensation, all out. Fast food and instant noodles, 29 days to trace the big Jiangdong Public Security Bureau deputy chief Tu Xiaoyu said, intelligent mobile phone fraud let Ms. song purchased due to the openness of the system, it is easy to be a Trojan intrusion. The crooks sent links, is a Trojan horse. Liar use Ms. song’s ID card and cell phone number transfer. Trojans intercepted the bank sent to the verification code, but also intercepted all the banks to remind sms. So until 4 days later, Ms. song’s family found the bank card abnormalities, reported to the police. Liar left little clues. After verification of the phone, is transferred from abroad, the only clue is the transfer of money to the bank card fraud, was launched in a bank in Fuzhou. Then, the police Huang Jiaming and Fu Chen Qi, immediately rushed to Fuzhou. Two people in the home, Huang Jiaming’s daughter just a year old, Fu Chen Qi’s wife is six months pregnant, need them the most. But after receiving the task, Huang Jiaming, Fu Chen Qi did not stay for a moment. When the late 12 arrived in Fuzhou, more than 7 points in the morning, they began the investigation. Because fewer clues, must want to break through the heavy workload, and the nets above and snares below ". For 29 days, they collect and view video surveillance, to one investigation of suspicious locations…… Eat fast food during the day and evening noodles. A breakthrough in the case, "we will be very happy, we get a few dishes to celebrate." Hard work pays off, September Wei相关的主题文章: