Tencent multi-creation space will create a new landmark in Fuzhou opened the Internet masa-c

Tencent public record in Fuzhou opened a new landmark Tencent will build the Internet public record of space to create a new Internet landmark in the afternoon of September 21, 2016, Tencent multi-creation space held a grand opening ceremony in Taijiang Aofong square. Tencent public space (across the Fuzhou Strait) by the Fuzhou municipal government, Taijiang district government, Tencent and fly treasure to build a total area of over 10000 square meters. Tencent (public record space on both sides of the Strait – Fuzhou) excellent internal and external resources integration of Tencent and reliable treasure, is committed to providing services to accelerate the incubation and growth of the most pragmatic outstanding entrepreneurs, promote the local management process, radiation Taiwan and overseas entrepreneurs. The first phase of the project will cover the game, life, VR AR and other fields, to become the largest TMT incubator in Fujian. At the same time, play a multiplier effect through public entrepreneurship, innovation and "Internet plus", driven by Fuzhou’s high-speed Internet industry chain development, and strive to become a new landmark in the Internet industry in Fujian province. The Fuzhou municipal government, Taijiang district government, the leadership of the Tencent public record space general manager Wang Lan, reliable entertainment chairman Li Qi jointly launched the Tencent public record opening space. All elements of service entrepreneurs to help the region to take off with the creation of the public space Tencent landing, the Fuzhou municipal government will also be based on the complementary advantages of entrepreneurial resources Tencent, joint more companies, institutions to create a public ecological circle. Wang Lan, general manager of Tencent public space, Ms. introduction, Tencent Chong Chong space launched a five plan. Are a hit, hatch, build a China greatest incubator; two, a suit, launched the SME business service platform based on the three; and creating culture, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship camp — camp launched Ivy Internet field the strongest level of the Whampoa  military academy. Four, venture capital, Tencent’s "double hundred plan" in the past two years, more than 30 incubator projects, and many projects have become the unicorn; five, star, with Zhejiang satellite TV CO produced "I is the founder of the program, to create a real business star. Tencent five a plan, through online and offline stereo total factor to service our entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to provide a one-stop bag in service. Ms. Wang Lan also said that Tencent in the next 3 years to invest in the flow of 100 to support the market value of billions of venture capital companies in the next 10 billion years. And through the traffic matrix, relying on Tencent computer housekeeper, WeChat, Tencent, Tencent, QQ browser application treasure mobile phone housekeeper and other components of the flow channel between the multi terminal open way will open up the PC and mobile terminal, intelligent hardware more massive port, the cross screen need high quality and accurate flow for entrepreneurs. And provide excellent opportunities for online and offline exposure to a variety of channels for the project to take off the wings soar. As a Tencent (public record space on both sides of the Strait · Fuzhou) the local operator, reliable entertainment chairman Li Qi said the company has a senior Internet team, as a native of Fuzhou, hatching the high market value of enterprises, has a wealth of successful entrepreneurial experience, to the public record of space resources docking, technical support, provide strong intellectual support with the help of. Subsequently, Yang Genghua, senior director of Tencent open platform, fly entertainment chairman of the board of directors, the chairman of the venture capital treasure Chen Lanfei, founder of the science and technology of the car, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States and China, the United States and the United States and China, the world’s largest economy, the United States, the United States;相关的主题文章: