The 33 floor window fall broken glass hurt passers-by owners that developers should bear responsibil

The 33 floor window fall broken glass hurt passers-by owners that developers should bear responsibility for the original title: 33 floor window fall broken glass scratched by October 29th, Xi’an Taihe Park East people 2 33 storey building owners Ms. Hu Jia master a window suddenly falling windows, broken glass and passers-by Qin scratch. So far the incident, Ms. Hu took turns to take care of the injured in the hospital, they feel unfair, normal push open the window when the window fell, developers do not have a little responsibility?" Shut the window with a window suddenly fall in October 29th at 3 pm, Ms. Hu’s daughter-in-law Liu came back from the outside, just a month soon she went into a master bedroom home, ready to be out in front of the windows open air. Is the "push-pull" type L window ‘s a fan, the first time I stretched a bit, did not move, go floating on the windowsill and then pull, did not expect this pull, a window has fallen down." Yesterday, Liu recalled the scene that day, when I go out that the window is relatively difficult to pull." She immediately reflected to the property, the staff said that someone was injured, asked me to go downstairs to accompany the injured doctor". Little Liu He husband to her mother, Ms. Hu called, let her come to deal with the follow-up, they sent to the injured. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter in Ms. Hu home to see her out of the garbage has fallen to 4 from the window frame section, and only one window and the window screen master bedroom window. Owners said the developers last year to unload the window Ms Wu said: the incident so far, we have been looking for property and developers, they hope to bear part of the responsibility, but developers have long been unable to contact." Yesterday, the reporter went to the residential property to understand the matter, the staff refused to reply to the leadership. The door of the sales department locked the door, leaving no one answered the phone. Ms Wu said that the wife of Liu in the field, she and his wife live elsewhere, this suite is only the youngest son of the secondary lying. "Since the October 2013 housing vacancy, master basic. Daughter-in-law back in September of this year before confinement, this is what happened." "The son admitted after 2014, I found the rain water beside the bedroom window, looking for many developers, property consultation, until June 2015, the sales department to send workers treatment. In the fall, the windows were all unloaded and loaded, "said Ms. Hu," estimates reload when not installed, now falling." The warranty period is not yet known owners that developers should bear responsibility for yesterday, the reporter interviewed in a hospital near the middle of longevity still treated the injured Mr. qin. He is a decoration workers, the day just came out from the door of the building 2 units, broken glass broken needle, is still in the treatment. It is understood that the window fell to the floor of the 2 building on the platform outside the unit, flying glass pierced Mr. qin. "The developer moved my window a year ago, and now it’s falling. We believe that the cost of medical treatment to the wounded, developers should bear part of." Ms Hu said. As Ms Wu did not find a house with the "commercial housing sales contracts," together with the "Xi’an commodity residential quality assurance", "Xi’an commodity residential use manual" 2相关的主题文章: