The African players swept the horse champion in 86 countries, nearly 40 thousand people participated wh60a

The African players swept the horse champion in 86 countries, nearly 40 thousand people participating on the whole race: South Africa, Ethiopia’s fenhuonannv champion in new Shanghai on 30 October, (Ma Huayu) 2016 Shanghai International Marathon (the horse) in the Bund on 30 shots to start running, Mo therm from South Africa in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 18 seconds won the men’s championship, women’s championship won by Ethiopia contestant Bekele, her performance is 2 hours 26 minutes and 18 seconds. The same day, from 86 countries and regions gathered in Shanghai, a total of 38000 players in the Bund Jinniu square, dressed in golden yellow uniforms of the players will be the whole the Bund into a yellow sea. Data show that the tournament a total of 153163 pre registration, an increase of more than 31268 people last year, the entire 64067 people, half 54338 people. In addition, the event also set up a 10 km run for the public and healthy running and other groups. The 30 day at 7 o’clock in the morning, with the sound of the starting pistol, the team from the Bund filed out to go forward with great strength and vigour, via Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, a large venue in Shanghai, Huaihailu Road and other landmarks, toward the end point of Shanghai stadium. When the clock strikes 9, is located in Shanghai at the end point of the stadium erupted into applause, Mo therm from South Africa struggling to sprint, completed the first hit the line, this is he after 2013 and 2014, third on the horse champion harvest. More than 10 minutes later, the women’s team champion also announced that the Ethiopia player Bekele first crossed the finish line. After the game, not the card is very excited, "I’m very happy. Today’s weather is very cool, began to run up feeling good, but in the last 10 kilometers, the sun came out, the temperature rises, I ran up a bit difficult, speed affected." This is not the card sixth times in the Shanghai marathon, he revealed his wish at the end of the game, "I retired in may be a running coach or manager, I want to use these years to participate in the competition to win the prize, to help young people realize the dream of track and field in africa." (end)相关的主题文章: