The changes of female hymen life demonophobia

The secret life of female hymen hymen change is a symbol of purity, both men and women are very important. The hymen it is just outside of a film, for women, will have different change in different ages. So what’s the change? 1, girls hymen played a role in protecting the vagina, blocking bacterial invasion. In the vagina near the mouth of the hymen, about 1-2mm thick, with a hymen hole, the diameter of about 1cm, shape, round, half moon etc.. Membrane on the side of the air, some scattered a lot of small holes, some of the two holes tied. When menstruation let blood from the body through the hole. If there are no holes, the blood will be blocked in the vaginal mass may cause tubal rupture, abdominal infection and other diseases, it must carry on gynecologic surgery. Before puberty, female melancholy ovarian secretion of estrogen, vaginal mucosa is thin, weak resistance, so the hymen has played a protective role. After puberty in ovarian development, estrogen increased, with vaginal resistance increased, the hymen had lost 2, had the first sexual intercourse, the hymen was bursting and dehiscence and hemorrhage. Because the hymen shapes, the degree of damage is not the same. If two parallel hole will feel severe pain, if not only what pain and less bleeding lip hymen and no, if it is the kind of thick elastic and good hymen, the first time there may not be completely broken, there are about thirty percent women in the first sexual intercourse without bleeding. 3, after the birth of fetus was from the vaginal delivery, the hymen will further damage. There may be a few remnants left behind. The hymen through surgery to mend. Is the use of the remnants of the hymen were sutured by surgery, some may be due to the destruction of too incomplete, difficult to recover.相关的主题文章: