The country’s first telecommunications fraud investigation and control center 8 months to freeze the winlinez

The country’s first telecommunications fraud investigation and control center 8 months frozen funds fraud 1 billion 100 million – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Yutong) in recent years, the telecommunications network model crime intensified, this morning, the Ministry of public security vice minister Li Wei, Vice Minister of public security, the deputy mayor of Beijing City Public Security Bureau Wang Xiaohong in Beijing City Public Security Bureau for the country only a "Ministry of public security management of telecommunication network against new criminal investigation and control center inaugurated. It is understood that, in order to enhance the telecommunications network fraud cases against prevention capacity, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up the country’s first provincial anti fraud telecommunications network center and control center in 2015, as of August 31st this year, the police cracked telecommunications network fraud cases from more than 1000 criminal suspects arrested nearly 1000. January 2016, authorized by the Ministry of public security, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the establishment of a national public security organs only a Ministry of public security to crack down on Governance of telecommunications networks a new type of criminal investigation and control center". The center is mainly responsible for the national telecommunications network fraud cases involving account inquiry, payment, freeze and communication tools query, closure work, provide the check and control of capital flow, communication support for the fight against the current telecommunications network fraud cases. The first national telecommunications network fraud investigation control center to prevent fraud can play a big role? According to reports, as of now, the "control center" has frozen national accounts involved more than 40, the freezing of funds of 100 million yuan in 11; by reducing the mass loss of 18 million yuan; shut down mobile phone number involving more than 13 months, 400 the number of nearly 30 thousand, with more than 1 pseudo base station fake link. The center opening, the Ministry of public security, the CBRC, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a joint telecommunications fraud cases freezing of funds return ceremony, more than 5000 yuan of funds will be returned to the victims, the police freeze. Today morning, the 12 victim after the formalities, to reclaim the money cheated. In order to raise public awareness of fraud prevention, Beijing police summed up the "eight whatevers" warning, including those who claim public security requires remittance; usually ask you to send money to "security accounts"; those who receive subsidies, notification of winning the first pay to you; who know ‘families’ accident to remittances; those who ask for personal information and bank card and SMS verification code; those who want you to open online banking for inspection; all claiming to be the leader (the boss) required to fight money; those strange website (link) requires registration and bank card information". Police advise, once encountered these 8 cases are fraud, do not be fooled.相关的主题文章: