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The culture of Sun Zhongshan high into the Shanghai railway Chinese tiehang witness development – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 29 (reporter Tang Guijiang) "Shanghai and Mr. Sun Zhongshan very deep origin, Mr. Sun Zhongshan has 20 times to Shanghai, and lived here before and after about five years, is in Shanghai, Mr. Sun Zhongshan wrote an" industrial plan "." Liao Dawei, vice president of the College of humanities, Donghua University, Professor 29, Shanghai in this way out of the relationship between Sun Zhongshan and Shanghai. Guided by the general office of the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee, sponsored by the Zhongshan Municipal Committee of CPPCC Sun Zhongshan culture high tiehang event from 29 morning departure from Nanjing, arrived in Shanghai to take the high-speed rail, "Sun Zhongshan culture tiehang" activities of the ShangHai Railway Station. In 40 years engaged in revolutionary activities, Mr. Sun Zhongshan has 20 times to Shanghai, from the revolution of the forming of the Nanjing provisional government, to write a book and to determine the three policy of alliance with Russia, to assist the workers and peasants, led the two parties together for the first time, are closely associated with Shanghai. Shanghai is the earliest place China railway development, according to historical records, is a foreigner China first railway construction investment in Shanghai Wusong railway; Sun Zhongshan was deeply influenced by western culture has attached great importance to China Railway Construction Office in 1912 of the Republic of China interim president, immediately issued an order that a prosperous way all traffic should as soon as possible, Xing zhu." The picture shows the Sun Zhongshan Railway Museum in Shanghai and China railway construction related information. Mr. Tang Guijiang photo Zhongshan resigned from the interim president, accepted "for the national railway authority" of the railway supervision duties, and put forward the "first railway is powerful to". Professor Liao Dawei, Mr. Sun Zhongshan, although the last was a kilometer railway, many of the grand design but he proposed, the practice is still in the China railway construction. At the Shanghai Railway Museum, a photo and a real bear witness to the development of Chinese century railway, instructors introduced, Chinese railway started from 1876 Wusong railway, in the old China difficult development, once full of hardship and frustration, after the founding of new China, especially after the reform and opening up, Chinese railway construction has entered a rapid development track. Today, from Shanghai to Beijing high-speed rail train every day dozens of times, more than 1 thousand and 400 kilometers only takes about 6 hours to get to the railway; Chinese has exceeded one hundred thousand kilometers, including high-speed railway operating mileage exceeded 20 thousand kilometers, ranking first in the world, accounting for more than 60% of the world’s high-speed railway operating mileage. Sun Zhongshan, Ceng Zhisun, sun Mei Sun said his son win, has settled more than ten years in the mainland, the mainland people still found about Mr Zhongshan very much, should have a good summary of how to continue to promote and carry forward the culture of Mr. Sun Zhongshan in the new historical period, such as the Sun Zhongshan culture high tiehang will, Zhongshan culture and the iron is high good together. (end)相关的主题文章: