The Dongguan lottery betting period cut off Guangdong has 5 million out of 30 note Award – Sohu

The Dongguan lottery betting period cut off Guangdong has 5 million out of 30 note Award – Sohu Information Times News (reporter correspondent Hu Changwei Xie Mingming) during the Dongguan lottery betting ticket Jiangong, seven color 5 million. The evening of August 26th, 16100th lottery seven color play lottery, 5 million yuan prize in the only national in Guangdong, by the Dongguan city 17119 lottery outlets, lucky with a $30 multi period betting ticket won the award. The only first prize in Guangdong according to lottery announcement shows that 16100 seven lottery number is "5809445", the 1 note first prize, the single note bonus of 5 million yuan; a total of two prize in the 26 note, a single injection of 16804 yuan prize; in addition the country has a third-prize 167 note, four prize 2176 note. Current first into the Guangdong lottery pockets, in particular by Guancheng District of Dongguan City Road 26, Australia 17119 lottery sales points out. Even three promissory note to build great service system data show that in Dongguan the winning ticket, ticket time is August 21st 10:23, the winner for the 3 phase of the multi period betting from 16098~160100, the first hit in the last period. A total of 5 note number: 7050018, 5809445, par 2009327, 3873030, 3579261, second and 16100 note number lottery number, in the 5 million grand prix. Guangdong has a 30 note award according to the Guangdong lottery’s multi period betting, lottery has always been favored, up to 15 multi period lottery betting, let not period run betting, save a lot of time, but also prevent leakage because buy miss awards. On the other, since this year, the Guangdong lottery has more than 5 million in the 30 note lottery jackpot, the Lotto 24 note (8 note for more than 10 million prize), seven color is in the 5 note 5 million yuan prize, 14 game winning color also in the 1 note 5 million yuan capped jackpot. The average of each week 1 note, that is to say every week a Guangdong lottery for the purchase of sports lottery and become 5 million or 10 million. Author: Hu Changwei, Xie Mingming相关的主题文章: