The emperor admitted that Kobe fell in love with basketball last year was considered leaving NBA zhuxianduowan

The emperor admitted because Kobe fall in love with the basketball last year was considering leaving the emperor NBA today will usher in the first show sina sports news Beijing time on October 27th, according to the "Sports Illustrated" reported that the Philadelphia 76 team center Joel de tornby will officially usher in his NBA debut. In fact, the gifted center before the age of 16 to the basketball no interest, until in 2010 he witnessed the Kobe Bryant led the Losangeles Lakers won the championship. A middle class family, Nebid from Cameroon, his basketball development way and the most NBA players are not the same, he did not go through the baptism of the Amateur League, because he until 16 years old are interested in basketball, because he saw Kobe helped the Lakers win the 2010 NBA championship. Relying on the excellent talents, we de quickly on the basketball court attention. The summer of 2014, he was selected by a team of 76 people to show the identity of third, and enter the NBA. However, due to a foot injury, we de missed the two season, this is a huge challenge to his body and spirit. According to Nebid revealed that when he learned in October last year that he will be reimbursed for the season again, coupled with the subsequent occurrence of a series of things, he once considered giving up basketball, leaving NBA and return to Cameroon. "I was hoping to get away from all this farce." He said, "leave forever." But in the end, we de have survived, and made a comeback in pre-season this year. Nebid has lived in the United States for four years and has lived in four different cities. "I haven’t had a girlfriend before, but since I came to America, I’ve had a girlfriend." Nebid said, one day, I told her story to her." Nebid referred to the ex girlfriend to encourage him to continue his basketball career and face up to the difficulties. In fact, Nebid grew up in a good family, "but Americans don’t know that. They only know that I come from Africa, they thought I was very poor, living in the jungle hunting lions. I thought that if they were looking at me like that, I’d take that as my motivation." "Joel is a cowboy." 76 team coach Bret – so commented on Nebid, he is very curious, he is very competitive in the. Those qualities can maximize his talent." Until now, we are still very loyal to the former 76 German team general manager Sam – and octyl – pet phrase "process" as their motto. "I’ve been thinking about my experiences and how these experiences have made me a better man." Nebid said, "I really feel like I’m the process, and it’s all about me." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: