The end of the domestic oil prices, two rose up from the rise of less than $10 Fen – Sohu news ratatouille

The end of the two domestic oil prices rising out from 10 Fen per litre cheap – Sohu news (reporter Xiao extraordinary in the CCTV financial) of the international crude oil market recovery is not a smooth road, the price soaring plunge. After 8 months of rapid rise in the late September, the international oil prices continue downward adjustment. Affected by this, the two even up, the domestic oil prices will meet this year, the fourth cut. According to the principle of ten working days, at 24 on September 18th, China’s refined oil price adjustment time window opened again, the domestic oil prices ushered in the year of the fourth cut: gasoline per ton down, diesel down per ton. The national average, equivalent to 90 liters per liter of gasoline down $0.1, down 92 yuan per liter of gasoline, $95, down 0.11 yuan, No. 0, No. 0.13 diesel per liter down. According to the general household car fuel tank capacity 50L, fill a box of 92 gasoline will spend less 5 dollars 5 cents. Domestic oil prices fourth times during the year: the price of oil rose more than $10 Fen per liter to return to the era of the $5 after the oil price cuts, domestic oil prices in many regions will return to the era of 5 yuan. Beijing 92# gasoline from 6.05 yuan to 5.94 yuan, and 95# gasoline will be from 6.44 yuan to 6.33 yuan, Shanghai; 92# gasoline from 6.02 yuan, down to 5.91 yuan, 95# gasoline will be from 6.4 yuan to 6.29 yuan, Shandong; 90# gasoline from 5.6 yuan to 5.49 yuan, up 90# gasoline; Sichuan from 5.59 yuan to 5.48 yuan; and the international market of crude oil recovery in the flat $50 mark a sharp turn in the current cycle, the international crude oil market good news intertwined, prices soaring plunge. After the dollar rebound in investment news appears, crude oil fell again. In mid August, Brent crude oil futures prices have returned to $50 a barrel, New York crude oil futures prices rose above $48 a barrel. And in September 1st the two global benchmark oil prices fell to $45.45 a barrel and $43.16 a barrel. Although a slight rebound in the latter stage, but the international oil price has been unable to challenge the previous high. The current round of price adjustment period, the news is still around the price of international crude oil futures market, a frozen production agreement the concern of the oil producing countries, Iran and other countries and the United States increased output of refined oil consumption in the doldrums, the reversal of the oil producing countries have made verbal intervention in the market price trend. The current round of refined oil price adjustment cycle (September 2nd -9 months 18), Brent, WTI crude oil futures prices fell by an average of about 4.69%, fell to an average of nearly five months. The current round of price adjustment period, the average price of two cities were $47.23 a barrel, $44.83, slightly lower than the average of the past five months. In the past five months, the views of financial institutions and foreign mainstream financial media reports tend to increase the volatility of oil prices, but overall did not break through the range of $40-50. Expected in the short term the market is still affected by the U.S. shale oil production and consumption downturn, prices continue to fall.相关的主题文章: