The first hospital of Harbin city in 8 conjoined to carry out the warm Festival Huimin health googims

The first hospital of Harbin city in 8 conjoined to carry out the "warm   Festival Huimin; send health large clinic activities of the day – Heilongjiang Channel – Harbin 30 September, October 9th Festival, the first hospital of Harbin city in 8 conjoined to carry out" warm Festival, Huimin health "large-scale clinic. Harbin City, the first hospital has 8 medical conjoined, ranking the top three hospitals in the province. Then, the first hospital of Harbin inside and outside, women and other departments in addition to the establishment of expert clinic at the Sunshine Hall of the home court outside the hospital, will be stationed in the workers and peasants, and quiet, Tongjiang, Zhao Lin, Jingyu, engineering, Donglai and Taiping Health Service Center (city hospital) and other medical conjoined and hospital clinic. 9 linkage and clinic, sent to health for the people. The large clinic covers the heart, kidney, gastrointestinal, respiratory, neurology, Department of Endocrinology; orthopedics, general surgery, chest, brain, skin, urinary surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Department of psychiatry, oncology, Department of hyperbaric oxygen, plastic surgery, more than and 20 the Department of more than 60 experts more than 50 departments formed a strong squad experts clinic. The first hospital of Harbin home court in the outpatient hall, the Department of orthopedics of Beijing Tongren Hospital expert Professor Zhang Jianzhong joined the group of experts clinic, free expert clinic, consulting fees 300 yuan. In order to ensure the quality of clinic diagnosis and treatment in Beijing, please foot department of orthopedics experts patients need to prepare in advance to the recent inspection data and a hospital in the city of bone and four families (14 floor surgery) pre diagnosis. In addition, a hospital in the city to launch a variety of preferential projects for clinic patients. Including the Stone Center launched free department in patients with kidney stones by ultrasound and X-ray positioning examination; psychiatric screening for depression and dementia free; six cervical vertebra, foot oblique and ankle joint lateral, knee joint and lateral lumbar spine was 20 percent off, blood sugar test, general preference; CT, ECG 20 percent off preferential; hyperbaric oxygen HBO launched 15 treatment with 5 free treatment; Department of ultrasound ultrasound 20 percent off discount (limited to the first 20 places). City Hospital (City Hospital Branch) also launched a number of projects that benefit: blood glucose and blood pressure detection free; free experience of a Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy; X-ray and CT examination in 40 percent off; vaginal secretions, cervical cancer screening, Holter TCT+HPV, three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound (Holter), ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, heart frequency vector and inspection items 30 percent off. Activity time: October 9th 9 points, 11 points: the first hospital of Harbin clinic site (Daoli District Lot Street No. 151), Harbin hospital (the new foreshore Street Daowai District of Harbin City No. 47), the engineering community (12 Daoli District Jingwei Street No. -69), Gongnong community (Anju District of Daoli District No. 45), and the quiet community (Daoli District No. 63 Ande Street), Donglai community (East alley NEISHI Daowai District No. 22), Tongjiang (Daoli Jingwei street community channel No. 29), Zhaolin community (Daoli District Business Street No. 149), Jingyu (Jingyu Street Community Daowai District No. 412) Tel: 0451, 84883189, 84677065 reminder: blood sugar test project inspection)相关的主题文章: