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The group 30 years of innovative green Breakthrough Road – Sohu news Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Nanchang in September 26 the group 30 years of innovative green breakthrough Lu Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Di more than 30 years of scientific research and quality, adhere to the 20 years of ecological and environmental protection, adhere to 7 years to adhere to the intelligent manufacturing and innovation upgrade…… This is a traditional Chinese medicine enterprises. Don’t put the business when business but when to do scientific research, make industrial and agricultural civilization together, the group out of a research and innovation, the development of green Chinese medicine enterprises break through the road. Innovation: when the industry to do scientific research to do the traditional Chinese medicine enterprises and people’s impression of the traditional Chinese medicine production picture is different. In the traditional Chinese medicine liquid preparation workshop in the river valley, almost can not see the workers, only hundreds of manipulator in operation; here, do not see the personnel handling operation, only the smart car back and forth unloading. Workshop responsible person, after 80 Zhong Zhijian patrol production line. "When I read the tablets had in junior high school." 2004 graduated from Jiangxi University of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, Zhong Zhijian entered the group work so far, "I witnessed the river from line to line imported domestic workshop, from the production of solid preparation to liquid preparation. This is the process of intelligent manufacturing escalating." Like Zhong Zhijian, many people are more or less and the river group with intersection, grass coral tablet, Jianweixiaoshi tablets…… Interspersed in ordinary people’s lives in the fragments. The Group Chairman Zhong Hongguang said, shortly before the river trough liquid preparation workshop declaration of acceptance, by the Ministry of industry and information technology named "intelligent manufacturing pilot production base. In 2015, the river group industry and circulation sales of about 4 billion yuan. Zhong Hongguang smiled and said: business is not done, we do not when the enterprise business, but when the scientific research to do. Our annual R & D expenses accounted for more than 4% of sales revenue." At present, the group has four national research and development platform, namely "solid preparation of traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Technology National Engineering Research Center, National Engineering Research Center for protein drugs", "State Key Laboratory of drug innovation" and "space nutrition and food engineering laboratory". Among them, the traditional Chinese medicine solid preparation technology National Engineering Research Center to undertake a number of national "863" project, "fifteen" and "11th Five-Year" science and technology research projects. Green: the appointment of "wild animal protection" into the river valley trough the main production base of river group, green hill is a fully automated production workshop, the forest surrounded by lakes, wild duck, waterfowl in sewage treatment as well as the features of the lake after leisurely walk. Coexistence of natural environment and industrial civilization. Trough Business Center for Li Minlai this work for 5 years, he has another role, "wild animal protection officer", as a special group of "native" service. Trough on the hillside, the jungle, dotted with more than and 30 small thatched house, the door put apple, Corn Cob perennial food, 2 square meters of thatched house covered with hay. This is specially designed for more than 100 kinds of wild animals. .相关的主题文章: