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The gunman and overtaking Wang exposure weekly protocol of 100 thousand refused Basa poaching from Spain Zhuifeng juvenile Gunners winger Bellerin wonderful defense highlights Tencent sports news November 9th according to the British "Daily Telegraph", "the sun" and other media news, Arsenal and right back Bellerin has agreed to renew, Spain will get a star 100 thousand pounds a week for six years contract, the total contract value of $30 million, the contract also shows that Basa (official data) from Arsenal to pry away the right-sided winger. Lamar Bellerin soon Bellerin is a star was born in 1995, this year only 21 years old, but already A Senna is absolutely the main, 2015-16 season in all competitions, he played 41 times this season, has also made 10 appearances in the Premier League, was a genius of Wenger particularly significant. Because Bellerin was born in La Masia, therefore, hope that the Barcelona youth repurchase of pearl, especially Enrique also love the Premier League "super king", he thinks Bellerin is a good candidate for Alves’s successor. However, on the issue of the United States, the attitude of the arsenal is also very firm, they do not want to lose the new star, Wenger has repeatedly stressed that the Spanish defender is not a seller of goods. In the past few weeks, Arsenal have been in contract negotiations with Bellerin, in order to prevent Manchester poaching and Barcelona (data). The good news is, including the "Daily Mirror", "Daily Telegraph" and "the sun", a number of media have confirmed that Bellerin has been renewed and the gunman agreed. The British media revealed that Arsenal will give Bellerin a new contract for 100 thousand pounds a week, the contract period is 6 years, until it expires in 2022, and his current salary is only 40 thousand pounds. The "Daily Mirror" pointed out that in signing a new contract, Beilailin is expected in the next 6 years accounted for 30 million pounds, this is actually about fat, he is hard to resist. Bellerin’s agent also said the two sides contract without obstacles, "we are discussing now than to distance closer to signing two weeks ago, then he’ll sign the normal. Bellerin likes to stay at Arsenal and it will be the fourth time that he has signed a contract with the club and it is clear that he has made great progress." (Brooke)相关的主题文章: