The home by the expert point of praise the audience into the beautiful landscape in the Li family

The "home" by the expert point of praise into the audience and the beauty of landscape poem "Li Jia Li Song poem" Li home "stills home" stills Hainan Daily reporter You Mengyu many present poem "song and dance performances of Li home" capital of literary and art circles for the reflection of Hainan Li people’s daily life and spirit excellent stage works praise, rich flavor of life and exquisite artistic effect so that it deserved the gold medal. Starting from the life creation of ethnic art works of Beijing Dance Academy, former president of the academic committee of Beijing Dance Academy director Lv Yisheng said, from the national life repertoire of folk songs, in the aspects of. "The · thick soil" in "Shanlan ballad" "tsuishine ballad" "wine absorbing ballad" "tapestry ballad" the four song "the ballad" which is also the core repertoire, "the soul of works". "The first three" rumors "and production related, the last" rumor "is reflected in the joy of harvest. The sections are close to the life, the rich flavor of life." Lv Yisheng said, "like this a form of brocade ballad" sense is very strong, not only live in the tapestry of scenes, and after art tapestry dance. The cheerful rhythm and form new people and Lenovo to the Li people weave their good life scene. Lv Yisheng also affirmed the stage design, the stage highlights the scenery of Hainan, through modern science and technology presents a sense of hierarchy, hazy, like the fog on the Five Fingers Group, like the United states. Dance choreography and fit very closely. The audience responded warmly in the live performance, and got a better effect of the theater. Presents a full range of home China Art Research Institute Li Beauty Dance Institute Ou Jianping first affirmed the "Li" home "breakout", won five gold and one of the very difficult. "The performance of this show is very rich! "To sing the praises of the long robe buckle Hercules ancestor li man, nose flute playing" color map "is reproduced authentic Li Folk Music, and more of the program is based on the Li people’s work and life creation, such as women’s dance" tsuishine ballad "and" Brocade ballad "etc.. In addition, the style of the scene and showing off the male dance "dance", "Hill wine absorbing dance", sing the love life of the woman "dance" dance scene, married men and women dance "March three", praising the beauty of the nature "of all the men and women dance", with vivid and real choreography that will bring us into the great beauty of the Li people are still living in the green mountains and rivers." Ou Jianping think. Is life inside the national art boutique central national song creating studio creative staff, the national level by Wang Xiaoxia that works with rich southern flavor, after purification and refinement of the Li life, showing a "spiritual dimension" of literary works. "Through the stage lighting and dance form, the color of painting, the artistic conception of aesthetics on the stage. For example, "hunting", lighting to create the original forest effect, is personally on the scene." Wang Xiaoxia said. Wang Xiaoxia said, the creative staff thinking in culture..相关的主题文章: