The implementation of the law against domestic violence in Nanjing 8 months issued 31 copies of pers

Anti domestic violence law 8 months Nanjing issued 31 copies of personal safety protection order – Beijing, Beijing, November 14 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen Ran) wife beating her daughter-in-law, wife beating husband, husband of father son son…… Today, the reporter learned from the Nanjing City Intermediate People’s court was informed that since March 1st this year, the implementation of the law against domestic violence, the hospital has issued 31 copies of "personal safety protection order, many victims of domestic violence plagued by found" umbrella". In March 29th this year, the Nanjing Municipal People’s livelihood to the city of Xuanwu District Court filed a written application for habeas corpus, requesting the prohibition of its old Kwak Kwak assaulted and threatened. Yao believes Kwak assault, verbal threats have caused a real danger. Written testimony yaomou to provide the court with the police recorded 4 copies, 17 photos and neighbors, confirmed Kwak told his threats and abuse, "she claimed to be the rope". During the case hearing, Yao’s husband and her husband are testifying, Kwak does have threatened to yaomou "into the red white knife knife", that Mouque practical rope people guo. In accordance with the law, the court shall, within 72 hours after receiving the application, issue a protective order or reject the application. After two days of intense investigation, hearing, visits, March 31st, court ruled that the ban was beaten, threatened to apply for the applicant Guo Yao people daughter-in-law. Guo Mouruo in violation of personal safety protection order, constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible; does not constitute a crime, the people’s court will be reprimanded for, and according to the circumstances, impose a fine of 1000 yuan, 15 days detention. This is the first Nanjing personal safety protection order immediately sent to the police station and community organizations within the area of the applicant, to ensure that the protection order can be implemented according to law. Personal safety protection order is the implementation of the law against domestic violence in the bright spot." Nanjing City Intermediate People’s Court of juvenile and family court president Zhou Kan told reporters, according to the provisions of the law against domestic violence, the past must be attached case proposed "personal safety protection order, can be used as a separate case for domestic violence victims of family violence, or family members and threatening words, that is, as long as the" cold violence "can provide the corresponding evidence, you can apply for the protection to the court directly." Since the implementation of the law against domestic violence, immediately by the social backlash, "since March this year, Nanjing courts accepted 55 applications rejected 7 copies, 17 copies of the withdrawal. In the 31 copies have been issued in force, the applicant for the wife of the 20, the husband of the application of the 2, the parents of the application of the 7 copies of the application of the daughter of the 2." Although the personal safety protection order makes a lot of harm by domestic violence victims see hope, but for the issue of the application of the courts at all levels, is also a big challenge. Zhou Kan told reporters, first of all, protection order issued time is very tight, in just 72 hours to confirm whether it is true of domestic violence plot, in coordination with the work of various departments, to accept the judge, is a race against time. Secondly, in private and pro)相关的主题文章: