The joint commander of the army political commissar published an article about Xi Jinping about Pro

The joint commander of the army political commissar published an article about Xi Jinping about pro – Sohu as indicating military channel in the new starting point to accelerate the transformation of the construction of the Army (in-depth study and implement the spirit of Comrade Xi Jinping’s important speech Series) — President Xi Jinping inspected the in-depth study and implement the spirit of the important speech of the army organs in order to deepen the reform of national defense and the army, the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and chairman of learning from the military construction and preparations for military struggle in the overall situation, decided to set up the army leadership of the army, as a military really stood up, opened the army construction and development of a new journey. Last December 31st, President Xi personally granted to the army flag, caused by the precepts, proposed to build a powerful army modernization model. In July 27th this year, when President Xi visited the military organs delivered an important speech, profoundly expounded the construction of a series of new army with a fundamental overall direction of major issues. The important speech of President Xi, in order to accelerate the transformation of the army construction direction, provides a new starting point in the following. Strengthen the construction of the new army of the sense of mission and responsibility of President Xi pointed out that the construction of modern army, party relations to achieve strong military targets under the new situation, the construction of the world first-class army, the party and national long period of stability, the relationship between the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream. This important exposition reveals the important position and role of the army, and defines the strategic positioning of the army building and development in the new situation. The construction of the new army is the inherent requirement of maintaining the political security of our country. Political security has always been the root of national security. Our army is the task of the party’s political armed group, is a strong pillar of the people’s democratic dictatorship. Upholding the party’s leadership and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the sacred duty of the people’s army. The army has a very important position and role in maintaining the ruling status of the party, maintaining political security and national security, which has a large base, a wide range of deployment, fast response and strong ability to control the board. After the founding of new China, the army firmly defended the new regime, and resolutely safeguard the overall stability of the community, has always been an important force to safeguard China’s political security. At present, we are engaged in a great struggle with many new historical features, the factors that affect the stability of social and political stability, the political security of the country is facing increasing risks and challenges. We must clearly recognize the new changes, new features and new trends in the political security situation of the country, enhance the sense of hardship, the sense of mission, and strive to build a new army, and firmly consolidate the party’s ruling position. Building a new army is a realistic need to deal with all kinds of security threats. At present, our country is in the key stage from big to strong development, security threats facing the complex, gradually increasing the external obstacles and challenges, survival problems and development of security issues, traditional and non-traditional security threats are intertwined, various real threats on the rise. The army as the basic services, is the main force to safeguard national security, maintain strategic global stability, to curb war, resist aggression, border defense, anti-terrorism and other aspects of shoulder the important mission. At present, China’s neighboring some hot areas the situation is full of variables, terrorism, separatism and extremism.相关的主题文章: