The Kuomintang Cai Yingwen surrender to the dark is evident sooner or later amnesty Chen Shuibian – lata-01

The Kuomintang: Cai Yingwen surrender to the dark is evident sooner or later "amnesty" Chen Shuibian – Beijing China Taiwan network September 30th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that former Taiwan leader Chen Shuibian baowaijiuyi, a Taiwanese "double ten celebration" director of the Preparatory Committee of the Committee of the Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan said yesterday (29 days) served as leader, deputy leader, will to invite, that is to say Chen Shuibian was invited to attend the celebration". KMT vice chairman Li Mingxian pointed out that "medical treatment" to let Chen attended the "celebration", Cai Yingwen surrendered to the dark is evident, and the "amnesty" A-Bian sooner or later! Li Mingxian said that the so-called "medical treatment" is the action by the correction department, this is because people still legally inmates identity, put out just for the sake of health and medical treatment, and therefore should not participate in medical related activities. 520, Cai Yingwen Chen Shuibian was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony was invited to attend the banquet, and also have the responsibility to write a two, said: "the authorities horse era to suggest invited flat, the DPP only passively accept opinions." Now the leaders of the Taiwan region, the office of the "Executive Yuan", "Legislative Yuan" is the DPP grabbed, "double ten celebration" A-Bian was invited to the "responsibility" cannot push to other people! Li Mingxian points out that the pressure is more and more visible to appease the green Cai Yingwen. "Independence big brother Cai Yingwen" for 4 years to his good ", another" Pro independence "gangster Wu Lipei shouted" Lin Cai does not step down, there is no tomorrow". Cai Yingwen was too horrible to look at the poll numbers, put these things together, we can see that: "Cai Yingwen has refused to voters," amnesty "A-Bian believe that sooner or later!" (Lining)相关的主题文章: