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The male and female Mermaid vest together doing? Guards do! Sohu – sports as a color value, zero body to fight the negative people, hear what beauty with ugly will turn white, not to mention what the mermaid man with female vest?! The baby just want to ask: what do you get together?! Is the "running man" new lineup? Or "full acceleration" Hunter team? This is not what the catwalk shows? Tired heart, the child is not enough…..   sky floated a line of words: NONONONONO~ They coming a game – Spartan race! Yes, Spartan race swept the world, landing in China! Are you ready for the challenge?! What is Spartan race? (small) running? Off road? Outdoor expansion? NO! It is the Road Runner’s outdoor games, outdoor cafes are cross-country cross-country, fitness on god. In a word, known as the world’s best steeplechase Spartan race, love running, cross-country, you also could live?! There are a series of Spartan race: Spartan Sprint (game Spartan racing), Super Spartan (Spartan Super Series), Spartan Beast (Spartan beast race).   Sparta runs from 2004, held more than and 180 games in the world each year in 25 countries. Game design Cool hanging fried days has attracted more than 4 million people participate in. Even Dobbrev, the vampire player, took part in the show several times, so that it was fun enough for him to play on the other side of the road, and that was enough for the time being, and that was enough for Nina. How to play? (small scale) can run and love fitness, congratulations pass myself in endurance, other friends, don’t be afraid, because the game play more than endurance, and your perseverance, as long as you have these obstacles on the line resistance! Many of these obstacles and tasks – Oh, some of which will suddenly appear, unpredictable. To give you a shot, you are so smart, you must understand the obstacles to a: rock handling participants need to move the boulder to the designated location, do five Bobbi jump, and then move the boulder back. Don’t be afraid to move, also never mind, Bobbi and myself, afraid what ~ Yan worth beauty Bobbi, don’t spray nosebleed oh! Two obstacles: War spear throwing is to target doll throwing war spear, the war spear inserted in the doll, do not touch the ground. This is a small case well! Is the only big darts replaced a few number (which is not your own experience of sauce), throws out just fine. Three obstacles: iron net creeping right, is in the mud, iron net as soon as possible to crawl…… suddenly a kind of special forces around, there! Everything is nothing but dirty! It’s much more fun than running a run. Obstacle four!相关的主题文章: