The new discovery of two species of birds in Shaoxing black petrel, Canada

The new discovery of two species of birds in Shaoxing: black petrel, Canada goose ocenodromamonorhis Canada geese now some domestic bird habitat in what? What place? How much is the population? Recently, the State Forestry Bureau launched the second survey of wild animal resource land survey with autumn birds. In this survey, the Shaoxing survey group "harvest" is not small: the bird in the shooting, a bird was actually recorded in Zhejiang province for the first time. 23 morning, the reporter followed the field investigation team came to Shangyu coastal wetlands. A road along the riverbank Caoejiang search players through the observation of the bird, and the bird to identify shapes, determine the types of birds, the record number of birds. Along the way, we found more than 20 species of birds. The white bellied Harrier, peregrine falcon, relatively rare, is the two national animal protection. On a beach, parked hundreds of wild duck and snipe, a bird flew over, bird flocks fly, a dark. After they landed, the players began counting each other through telescopes, and then recorded the numbers in the survey book. The survey showed two waves of high tide. About 9 points in the morning, in the Cao’e River, staff, Forest Public Security Bureau Zhao E saw a bird flying over the water paste, intuition told him, this is definitely a rare bird. So, the shot to drive up. Then he will send photos, wild bird experts will, after identification, the bird is called the black petrel, belongs to pelagic seabirds, generally in the inland regions have few records. It was first recorded in our city, belonging to newly discovered birds in Shaoxing." According to Zhao E analysis, this bird may be affected by the recent typhoon, to change the flight path before passing through the city, which belongs to the vagrants (stray birds). And the discovery of another bird, quickly "detonated" bird friends circle. At noon on the day, also in the Cao’e River, Zhao E through the telescope to an eating grass goose, quickly taken with a long lens. The wild bird society experts comparison photos, documents and materials, the bird was identified as Canada geese, which belongs to the cold water marine bird in Zhejiang province is the first to be recorded. After the news spread, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and other places "bird" rushed "yidufangrong". "I don’t see here a week ago, most likely also belong to a lost bird." Photographer Zhao E analyzes this. It is reported that this is the second found in Shaoxing in recent years in Zhejiang Province in April 2014, Shaoxing City, new birds, birds will have membership in the king Tan Zhen Keqiao district a creek to record rare birds crossing – solitary snipe. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the city forestry bureau said, on the one hand reflects the city of Shaoxing birds, rich biodiversity, on the other hand that the city’s ecological environment continues to improve, so as to attract more birds to come to food, habitat. Reporters learned that the investigation in October and November two, comes to my city is Shangyu coastal wetland area, the staff of Forest Public Security Bureau and the Shaoxing Wild Bird Society members participated in the survey. The provincial forestry department specially organized and coordinated the city, County Forestry Bureau and relevant units to deploy or recruit bird lovers with higher field animal identification ability to participate in this investigation." The head of the Provincial Forestry Department told reporters that the survey aims to collect the number of waterfowl in the region through the system.

绍兴新发现两种鸟:黑叉尾海燕、加拿大黑雁 黑叉尾海燕加拿大黑雁国内现在有些什么鸟?栖息在什么地方?种群数量有多少?最近,国家林业局启动了第二次陆生野生动物资源调查秋季水鸟同步调查。在此次调查中,绍兴调查组“收获”不小:拍摄到的鸟中,有一种鸟居然是浙江省内首次被记录到。23日上午,记者跟随野外调查组来到上虞区滨海湿地。队员沿着曹娥江岸一路搜寻,通过辨别鸟的叫声、观察鸟的形状,确定鸟的种类、记录鸟的数量。这一路上我们共发现了20多种鸟类。其中,游隼、白腹鹞比较少见,属国家二级保护动物。在一处滩涂上,停着几百只野鸭和各种鹬,一只猛禽飞过,野鸟群飞,黑压压一片。等它们落地后,队员们开始通过望远镜逐一数数,然后将数字记在调查本上。此次调查出现了两波高潮。当天上午约9点,在曹娥江畔,市森林公安局工作人员赵锷看到一只大鸟贴水面飞过,直觉告诉他,这肯定是一只难得一见的鸟。于是,驱车直追将其拍摄到。随后他将照片发给省野鸟会的鸟类专家,经鉴定,此鸟叫黑叉尾海燕,属于远洋性海鸟,一般在内陆地区很少有记录。“在我市第一次被记录到,属于绍兴市新发现的鸟类。”据赵锷分析,此鸟可能受近期台风影响,改变飞行路径才路过我市,属于迷鸟(迷途之鸟)。而另一种鸟的发现,则迅速“引爆”鸟友圈。当天中午时分,同样在曹娥江畔,赵锷通过望远镜观测到了一只正在吃水草的大雁,赶紧用长焦镜头拍摄下来。经省野鸟会专家比对照片、文献和资料,此鸟被确认为加拿大黑雁,属于冷水性海洋鸟,在浙江省内是第一次被记录到。消息传开后,杭州、宁波、台州等地“鸟友”迅速赶来“一睹芳容”。“一周前我来这里时没有看到,极有可能也属于迷鸟。”拍摄者赵锷这样分析。据悉,这是近年来在绍兴发现的第二种浙江省新鸟类,2014年4月,绍兴市野鸟会会员曾在柯桥区王坛镇一条溪沟里记录到罕见的过境鸟类——孤沙锥。对此,市林业局相关负责人表示,一方面反映出绍兴市鸟类众多,具有丰富的生物多样性,另一方面也说明我市生态环境不断改善,从而吸引了更多鸟类前来觅食、栖息。记者了解到,本次调查分10月和11月两次开展,涉及到我市的是上虞区滨海湿地,市森林公安局工作人员和绍兴市野鸟会会员参加了此次调查。“省林业厅专门组织协调了各市、县林业局及有关单位抽调或招募有较高野外动物识别能力的观鸟爱好者参与这次调查。”省林业厅相关负责人告诉记者,本次调查旨在通过系统收集区域内水鸟种群数量及分布数据,对调查区域数据进行动态分析和综合评价,为科学保护我国鸟类资源提供依据。相关的主题文章: